Liberating praxis : Paulo Freire's legacy for radical education and politics


Liberating praxis : Paulo Freire's legacy for radical education and politics

Peter Mayo

(Critical studies in education and culture series)

Praeger Publishers, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [151]-165) and index


  • Paulo Freire : the educator, his oeuvre, and his changing contexts
  • Holistic interpretations of Freire's work : a critical review
  • Critical literacy, praxis, and emancipatory politics
  • "Remaining on the same side of the river" : neo-liberalism, party movements, and the struggle for greater coherence
  • Reinventing Freire in a Southern context : the Mediterranean
  • Engaging with practice : a Freirean reflection on different pedagogical sites



This volume provides a holistic study of the work of Paulo Freire. It is a comprehensive review of Freire's ideas against the context from which they emerged. It provides a broad reading of Freire including the posthumous publication of a number of his remaining works into English. It draws connections between his work and a number of the figures with whom he is identified, as well as his experiences as an educator and consultant. This book provides a broad and varied international perspective to the work (including posthumous works recently translated into English) and life of Paulo Freire. It clarifies how his ideas emerged at different stages of his development as a social thinker. In addition it provides insight into others associated with Freire, e.g., Julius Nyerere. It allows students of Freire's work's to access the appropriate background material and discussion to place Freire's work in the context of his many writings. Freire's groundbreaking work with adults in the developing world with their legacy of colonialization changed the conversation of how best to teach literacy and other basic skills to previously unschooled adults. His consideration of the effects of colonialism, migration, and racism are of particular and pressing import today.


Introduction: Paulo Freire--The Educator, His Oeuvre, and His Changing Contexts Holistic Interpretations of Freire's Work: A Critical Review Critical Literacy, Praxis, and Emancipatory Politics "Remaining on the Same Side of the River" Neo-liberalism, Party, Movements, and the Struggle for Greater Coherence Reinventing Freire in a Southern Context: The Mediterranean Engaging with Practice: A Freirean Reflection on Different Pedagogical Sites

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