Communicating Sequential Processes : the first 25 years : Symposium on the Occasion of 25 Years of CSP London, UK, July 7-8, 2004 : revised invited papers



Communicating Sequential Processes : the first 25 years : Symposium on the Occasion of 25 Years of CSP London, UK, July 7-8, 2004 : revised invited papers

Ali E. Abdallah, Cliff B. Jones, Jeff W. Sanders (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 3525 . Lecture notes in computer science)

Springer, c2005

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"The symposium CSP25 ... commemorates the semi-jubilee of ... Tony Hoare's paper 'Communicating sequential processes'"--Pref

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This volume, like the symposium CSP25 which gave rise to it, commemorates the semi-jubilee of Communicating Sequential Processes. 1 Tony Hoare's paper "Communicating Sequential Processes" is today widely regarded as one of the most in?uential papers in computer science. To comm- orate it, an event was organized under the auspices of BCS-FACS (the British Computer Society's Formal Aspects of Computing Science specialist group). CSP25 was one of a series of such events organized to highlight the use of formal methods, emphasize their relevance to modern computing and promote their wider application. BCS-FACS is proud that Tony Hoare presented his original ideas on CSP at one of its ?rst meetings, in 1978. The two-day event, 7-8 July 2004, was hosted by London South Bank U- versity's Institute for Computing Research, Faculty of Business, Computing and Information Management. The intention was to celebrate, re?ect upon and look beyondthe?rstquarter-centuryofCSP'scontributionstocomputerscience. The meeting examined the impact of CSP on many areas stretching from semantics (mathematical models for understanding concurrency and communications) and logic(forreasoningaboutbehavior),throughthedesignofparallelprogramming languages (i/o, parallelism, synchronization and threads) to applications va- ing from distributed software and parallel computing to information security, Web services and concurrent hardware circuits. It included a panel discussion with panelists Brookes, Hoare, de Roever and Roscoe (chaired by Je? Sanders), poster presentations by PhD students and others, featured a ?re alarm (requ- ing evacuation in the rain!) and concluded with the presentation of a fountain pen to Prof. Sir C. A. R. Hoare.


Semantic Foundations.- Retracing the Semantics of CSP.- Seeing Beyond Divergence.- Refinement and Simulation.- Process Algebra: A Unifying Approach.- Linking Theories of Concurrency.- Hardware Synthesis.- CSP, occam and Transputers.- Models for Data-Flow Sequential Processes.- Implementation of Handshake Components.- Transactions.- A Trace Semantics for Long-Running Transactions.- Practical Application of CSP and FDR to Software Design.- Concurrent Programming.- Communicating Mobile Processes.- Model-Based Design of Concurrent Programs.- Linking Theories.- Of Probabilistic wp and CSP-and Compositionality.- Order, Topology, and Recursion Induction in CSP.- Security.- Verifying Security Protocols: An Application of CSP.- Shedding Light on Haunted Corners of Information Security.- Automated Development and Model Checking.- Operational Semantics for Fun and Profit.- On Model Checking Data-Independent Systems with Arrays with Whole-Array Operations.- Industrial Strength CSP.- Industrial Strength CSP: Opportunities and Challenges in Model-Checking.- Applied Formal Methods - From CSP to Executable Hybrid Specifications.

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