Victimology : a study of crime victims and their roles



Victimology : a study of crime victims and their roles

Judith M. Sgarzi and Jack McDevitt, editors

Prentice Hall, c2003

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For Issues in Criminal Justice, Victimology, Criminology and Special Topics in Criminal Justice courses. Written to raise awareness about the often forgotten victims of crime, this text gives a voice to the victims in society today. Designed to give students a broader perspective about the experience of victims, this volume provides information on a wide variety of crimes within their individual contexts and demonstrates to students some of the range of experiences that crime victims are forced to deal with. It addresses victims' support policies and programs and provides a realistic approach to understanding the process of victimization and the broad range of coping mechanisms that victims employ to deal with their particular experience.


I. INTRODUCTION. II. TARGETS OF PREDATORS. 1. Victims of Serial Killers: The "Less-Dead." 2. Perceived Risks of Date Rape. 3. The Client in Professional Misconduct. 4. The Media Influence on Behavior and Violence. III. VICTIMS OF POLITICAL OR IDENTITY STATUS. 5. Victims of Child Abuse. 6. The Role in Criminal Offending of Female Youth Gangs. 7. Victims of Domestic Violence. 8. Victims of Terrorism. 9. Hate Crime Victimization: A Comparison of Bias and Non-Bias Motivated Assaults. 10. Victims of Racial Profiling. IV. VICTIMS IN ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEXTS. 11. Victims of Prison Violence. 12. Victims of School Violence. 13. Victims of Campus Violence. 14. Victims of Workplace Violence. 15. Victims of Victimless Crimes. 16. Victims of Internet Fraud. V. RESPONSES TO VICTIMIZATION. 17. The Law and Victims. 18. Police and the Victims of Domestic Violence. 19. Victims in the Justice Process.

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