Pediatrics in practice : a health promotion curriculum for child health professionals


    • Bernstein, Henry H.

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Pediatrics in practice : a health promotion curriculum for child health professionals

Henry H. Bernstein, editor

(Springer series on medical education)

Springer Pub. Co., c2005

  • : soft cover

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Contents of Works

  • Facilitator's guide / Janet P. Hafler
  • Health: introducing pediatrics in practice in practice and bright futures / Richard Pan, Habib Shariat and Judith S. Palfrey
  • Partnership: building effective partnerships / Danielle Laraque, Joe Lopreiato and Diane Pickles
  • Communication: fostering family-centered communication / Theodore C. Sectish and Gregory S. Blaschke
  • Health promotion: promoting health and preventing illness / John T. Benjamin, Habib Shariat and Judith S. Shaw
  • Time management: managing time for health promotion / Franklin Trimm and Joe Lopreiato
  • Education: educating families through teachable moments / Donna M. D'Alessandro, Judith S. Palfrey and Janet P. Hafler
  • Advocacy: advocating for children, families, and communities / Judith S. Shaw ... [et al.]

Description and Table of Contents


Pediatrics in Practice: A Health Promotion Curriculum for Child Health Professionals is a faculty development health promotion curriculum based on the principles of Bright Futures. Through the resources presented, maternal and child health (MCH) educators can prepare healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to communicate effectively, partner with, and educate children and families as their advocates to promote health and prevent illness in a time-efficient manner. This innovative curriculum is based on six core concepts that serve as the foundation for effective health encounters: Partnership, Communication, Health promotion/Illness prevention, Time Management, Education, and Advocacy, These six concepts provide the tools for building successful partnerships and promoting positive interactions among health professionals, children, and families during health encounters. By learning how to integrate these core concepts into clinical practice, health professionals can be assured that they are delivering time-efficient health promotion services. This curriculum developed in collaboration with Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School, and Bright Futures, will be of interest to anyone who cares for pediatric aged children, including all maternal and child health professionals, such as pediatricians, nurses, public health specialists, nurse practitioners, physicians' assistants, social workers, dentists, and medical educators. ""The Pediatrics in Practice"" publication is accompanied by a supplemental DVD, containing background information about Bright Futures, models of best practice, this health promotion curriculum, and scenes from Disney's ""The Doctor"" to be used with the Communication module.

Table of Contents

Facilitator's Guide for Pediatrics in Practice / Health: Introducing Pediatrics in Practice and Bright Futures / Partnership: Building Effective Partnerships / Communication: Fostering Family-Centered Communication / Health Promotion: Promoting Health and Preventing Illness / Time Management: Managing Time for Health Promotion / Education: Educating Families Through Teachable Moments / Advocacy: Advocating for Children, Families, and Communities / Index.

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