Peripheral nerve blocks : principles and practice


Peripheral nerve blocks : principles and practice

Admir Hadžić, Jerry Vloka

McGraw-Hill Professions, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index

"New York School of Regional Anesthesia"



From the experts at the New York School of Regional Anesthesia - one of the world's leading programs for practice, education, and research in the field - comes this concise, full-color tutorial for mastering or updating your expertise in nerve block techniques. Featuring 350 illustrations, including 175 life-like, full-color clinical photographs of actual patients, "Peripheral Nerve Blocks" provides the most practical, state-of-the-art guidance for most major nerve block procedures.A standardized, user-friendly format provides meticulous, step-by-step instructions for each procedure including: general considerations; indications; functional anatomy; patient positioning; equipment; choice of local anesthetic; distribution of anesthesia; surface and anatomical landmarks; single shot and continuous techniques; and, complications and how to avoid them. All chapters begin with a unique "Block at a Glance" feature that serves as a "flash card" and conveniently lists the most important, salient features of each block such as: indications, landmarks, equipment, anesthetic, and level of complexity.In addition, a separate "Keys To Success with Nerve Blocks" chapter conveniently summarizes general guidelines for selection of techniques. This work features: clear, accurate, step-by-step instructions for most major nerve block procedures in real patients; numerous detailed and clinically insightful descriptions and illustrations, without distracting theoretical considerations; brilliant, full-color original illustrations and clinical photographs that illuminate each procedure with unparalleled detail; numerous tips and goals specific to every procedure; tables with choice of local anesthetics specific for each nerve block procedure; separate chapters cover equipment and patient monitoring, essential anatomy, clinical pharmacology, neurologic complications, and more; and, suggested readings included in every chapter.Highly instructive, beautifully illustrated, and superbly written, "Peripheral Nerve Blocks" serves as your personal "hands-on" workshop to learn and utilize state-of-the-art nerve block techniques - an ever-increasing portion of your daily practice. It should be an integral part of your anesthesiology library.


1.Foreword 2.Preface 3.Training in Peripheral Nerve Blocks 4.Essential Regional Anesthesia Anatomy 5.Equipment and Patient Monitoring in Regional Anesthesia 6.Peripheral Nerve Stimulation and Nerve Stimulation 7.Clinical Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics 8.Neurological Complications of Peripheral Nerve Blocks 9.Keys to Success with Peripheral Nerve Blocks 10.Cervical Plexus Blocks 11.Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block 12. Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block 13.Axillary Brachial Plexus Block 14.Wrist Block 15.Digital block 16.Intravenous Regional Block of the Upper Extremity 17.Cutaneous Nerve Block of the Upper Extremity 18.Thoracic Paravertebral Block 19.Thoraco-lumbar Paravertebral Block 20.Lumbar Plexus Block 21.Sciatic Nerve - Posterior Approach 22.Sciatic Nerve - Anterior Approach 23.Femoral Nerve Block 24.Popliteal Block: Intertendinuous Approach 25.Popliteal Block: Lateral Approach 26.Ankle Block 27.Cutaneous Nerve Block of the Lower Extremity

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