Architecture of computing systems - ARCS 2006 : 19th International Conference, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, March 13-16, 2006 : proceedings



Architecture of computing systems - ARCS 2006 : 19th International Conference, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, March 13-16, 2006 : proceedings

Werner Grass, Bernhard Sick, Klaus Waldschmidt (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 3894)

Springer, c2006

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems, ARCS 2006, held in March 2006. The 32 revised full papers presented together with two invited and keynote papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 174 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on pervasive computing, memory systems, architectures, multiprocessing, energy efficient design, power awareness, network protocols, security, and distributed networks.


Invited and Keynote Papers.- Life-Inspired Systems and Their Quality-Driven Design.- The Robustness of Resource Allocations in Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems.- Pervasive Computing.- FingerMouse - A Button Size Visual Hand Tracking and Segmentation Device.- An Ad-Hoc Wireless Network Architecture for Face-to-Face Mobile Collaborative Applications.- Background Data Acquisition and Carrying: The BlueDACS Project.- Prototypical Implementation of Location-Aware Services Based on Super-Distributed RFID Tags.- Combined Resource and Context Model for QoS-Aware Mobile Middleware.- Distributed Modular Toolbox for Multi-modal Context Recognition.- Memory Systems.- Dynamic Dictionary-Based Data Compression for Level-1 Caches.- A Case for Dual-Mapping One-Way Caches.- Cache Write-Back Schemes for Embedded Destructive-Read DRAM.- A Processor Architecture with Effective Memory System for Sort-Last Parallel Rendering.- Architectures.- Controller Synthesis for Mapping Partitioned Programs on Array Architectures.- M2E: A Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output Function Extension for RISC-Based Extensible Processors.- An Operating System Infrastructure for Fault-Tolerant Reconfigurable Networks.- Architectural Tradeoffs in Wearable Systems.- Multiprocessing.- Do Trace Cache, Value Prediction and Prefetching Improve SMT Throughput?.- Scalable and Partitionable Asynchronous Arbiter for Micro-threaded Chip Multiprocessors.- GigaNetIC - A Scalable Embedded On-Chip Multiprocessor Architecture for Network Applications.- Energy Efficient Design.- Efficient System-on-Chip Energy Management with a Segmented Bloom Filter.- Estimating Energy Consumption for an MPSoC Architectural Exploration.- An Energy Consumption Model for an Embedded Java Virtual Machine.- Power Awareness.- PASCOM: Power Model for Supercomputers.- Power-Aware Collective Tree Exploration.- Biologically-Inspired Optimization of Circuit Performance and Leakage: A Comparative Study.- Network Protocols.- A Synchronous Multicast Application for Asymmetric Intra-campus Networks: Definition, Analysis and Evaluation.- A Real-Time MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks: Virtual TDMA for Sensors (VTS).- An Effective Video Streaming Method for Video on Demand Services in Vertical Handoff.- Security.- A High-Throughput System Architecture for Deep Packet Filtering in Network Intrusion Prevention.- A Hierarchical Key Management Approach for Secure Multicast.- A Cache Design for a Security Architecture for Microprocessors (SAM).- Distributed Networks.- Constraint-Based Deployment of Distributed Components in a Dynamic Network.- Comparative Analysis of Ad-Hoc Networks Oriented to Collaborative Activities.- Fault Tolerant Time Synchronization for Wireless Sensor Networks.

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