Graphics recognition : ten years review and future perspectives : 6th International Workshop, GREC 2005 Hong Kong, China, August 25-26, 2005 : revised selected papers


Graphics recognition : ten years review and future perspectives : 6th International Workshop, GREC 2005 Hong Kong, China, August 25-26, 2005 : revised selected papers

Wenyin Liu, Josep Lladós (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 3926)

Springer, c2006

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This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Graphics Recognition, GREC 2005, held in Hong Kong, China, August 2005. The book presents 37 revised full papers together with a panel discussion report, organized in topical sections on engineering drawings vectorization and recognition, symbol recognition, graphic image analysis, structural document analysis, sketching and online graphics recognition, curves and shape processing, and graphics recognition contest results.


Engineering Drawings Vectorization and Recognition.- Vectorization and Parity Errors.- A Vectorization System for Architecture Engineering Drawings.- Symbol Recognition.- Musings on Symbol Recognition.- Symbol Spotting in Technical Drawings Using Vectorial Signatures.- A Generic Description of the Concept Lattices' Classifier: Application to Symbol Recognition.- An Extended System for Labeling Graphical Documents Using Statistical Language Models.- Symbol Recognition Combining Vectorial and Statistical Features.- Graphic Image Analysis.- Segmentation and Retrieval of Ancient Graphic Documents.- A Method for 2D Bar Code Recognition by Using Rectangle Features to Allocate Vertexes.- Region-Based Pattern Generation Scheme for DMD Based Maskless Lithography.- Global Discrimination of Graphic Styles.- Recognition for Ocular Fundus Based on Shape of Blood Vessel.- Adaptive Noise Reduction for Engineering Drawings Based on Primitives and Noise Assessment.- Structural Document Analysis.- Extraction of Index Components Based on Contents Analysis of Journal's Scanned Cover Page.- Crosscheck of Passport Information for Personal Identification.- String Extraction Based on Statistical Analysis Method in Color Space.- Interactive System for Origami Creation.- Using Bags of Symbols for Automatic Indexing of Graphical Document Image Databases.- A Minimal and Sufficient Way of Introducing External Knowledge for Table Recognition in Archival Documents.- Database-Driven Mathematical Character Recognition.- Recognition and Classification of Figures in PDF Documents.- Sketching and On-Line Graphics Recognition.- An Incremental Parser to Recognize Diagram Symbols and Gestures Represented by Adjacency Grammars.- Online Composite Sketchy Shape Recognition Using Dynamic Programming.- Using a Neighbourhood Graph Based on Voronoi Tessellation with DMOS, a Generic Method for Structured Document Recognition.- Primitive Segmentation in Old Handwritten Music Scores.- Curve and Shape Processing.- Generic Shape Classification for Retrieval.- Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curves Using a Multi-objective Genetic Algorithm.- A Contour Shape Description Method Via Transformation to Rotation and Scale Invariant Coordinates System.- Feature Detection from Illustration of Time-Series Data.- Sketch Parameterization Using Curve Approximation.- Biometric Recognition Based on Line Shape Descriptors.- Reports of Contests.- The Third Report of the Arc Segmentation Contest.- RANVEC and the Arc Segmentation Contest: Second Evaluation.- Optimal Line and Arc Detection on Run-Length Representations.- Report on the Second Symbol Recognition Contest.- Symbol Recognition Using Bipartite Transformation Distance and Angular Distribution Alignment.- Robust Moment Invariant with Higher Discriminant Factor Based on Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Symbol Recognition.- Panel Discussion.- Graphics Recognition: The Last Ten Years and the Next Ten Years.

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