Handbook of multimethod measurement in psychology


    • Eid, Michael
    • Diener, Ed


Handbook of multimethod measurement in psychology

edited by Michael Eid and Ed Diener

American Psychological Association, c2006

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 465-519) and indexes


  • Theoretical concepts
  • Assessment methods
  • Methods of data analysis
  • Applied multimethod research



Handbook of Multimethod Measurement in Psychology is the first integrative guide to theoretical, methodological, and applied aspects of multimethod measurement in psychological research. Although the multitrait-multimethod analysis and multimethod research strategies have become increasingly important in all areas of psychological research, comprehensible handbooks of multimethod measurement that integrate all phases of the data-gathering and assessment process have been missing. "Handbook of Multimethod Measurement in Psychology" fills this long-standing gap. Researchers and students of research who want to run a multimethod study or who want to understand a published study no longer must page through methodological journals trying to piece together an understanding of multimethod approaches. This volume provides a single, understandable resource for learning the meaning, advantages, and limitations of different methods. The volume brings together outstanding researchers from all areas of psychology. Contributors give detailed explanations about exactly what has to be considered when conducting a multimethod study, what the strength of the convergent validity and method-specificity in different areas of research is, and what methods should be selected for proving validity in specific research contexts. The volume discusses theoretical concepts, then lays out the most important measurement tools - including, among many others, global self-assessment, informant assessment, observational methods, and nonreactive methods - followed by statistical models for analyzing multitrait-multimethod data. Contributors also explore applications of multimethod research in different areas of psychology as well as broader perspectives on the meaning and purpose of multimethod approaches. Destined to be a classic, "Handbook of Multimethod Measurement in Psychology" provides an indispensable resource for researchers and students in psychology seeking to enrich their work by using multimethod approaches.

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