Information networking : advances in data communications and wireless networks : International Conference, ICOIN 2006 : Sendai, Japan, January 16-19, 2006 : revised selected papers


    • Chong, Ilyoung
    • Kawahara, Kenji


Information networking : advances in data communications and wireless networks : International Conference, ICOIN 2006 : Sendai, Japan, January 16-19, 2006 : revised selected papers

Ilyoung Chong, Kenji Kawahara (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 3961)

Springer, c2006

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-proceedings of the International Conference on Information Networking, ICOIN 2006 held in Sendai, Japan in January 2006. The 98 revised full papers presented were carefully selected and improved during two rounds of reviewing and revision from a total of 468 submissions.


Mobile and Ubiquitous Networkings.- ?LIN6: An Efficient Network Mobility Protocol in IPv6.- Applying NEMO to a Mountain Rescue Domain.- Route Enhancement Scheme Using HMIP in Heterogeneous Wireless Data Networks.- Performance Evaluation of TCP Variants to Downward Vertical Handoff.- Resource Reservation for Multi Classes and Regions over OFDM-Based Multi-cell Environments.- Efficient Wireless Resource Management Scheme Using Differential Received Signal Strength Indicator in Soft Handoff.- Performance Evaluation of Public Key Based Mechanisms for Mobile IPv4 Authentication in AAA Environments.- Network-Initiated Fast Handover Scheme Using Virtual Connection over All-IP-Based Wireless Systems.- Efficient Mechanism for Source Mobility in Source Specific Multicast.- A Reliable Multicast Routing Scheme in Mobile IP Networks.- Fast IP Handover for Multimedia Services in Wireless Train Networks.- Hierarchical Synchronized Multimedia Multicast for Mobile Hosts in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks.- Control Parameter Setting of IEEE 802.11e for Proportional Throughput Differentiation.- A New Distributed Scheduling Algorithm to Guarantee QoS Parameters for 802.11e WLAN.- The Soft QoS-Aware Call Admission Control Scheme for HCCA in IEEE 802.11e.- A Distributed Mechanism for Trust Propagation and Consolidation in Ad Hoc Networks.- A Quality of Relay-Based Routing Scheme in Multi-hop Cellular Networks.- Ad Hoc Sensor Networks.- Optimal Transmission Range for Topology Management in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Service Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Service Oriented Networks - Dynamic Distributed QoS Routing Framework.- Load Balancing Mechanisms in the MANET with Multiple Internet Gateways,.- Design of Modified CGA for Address Auto-configuration and Digital Signature in Hierarchical Mobile Ad-Hoc Network.- A Power Control MAC Protocol Based on Fragmentation for 802.11 Multi-hop Networks.- Policy-Based Management in Ad hoc Networks Using Geographic Routing.- Effects of Storage Architecture on Performance of Sensor Network Queries.- Mobility-Aware Distributed Topology Control for Mobile Multi-hop Wireless Networks.- Synchronizing TCP with Block Acknowledgement over Multi-hop Wireless Networks.- A Grid-Based Manycast Scheme for Large Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- A Grid-Based Tracking Mechanism with Satisfaction of Energy Conservation and Guaranteed QoS in Wireless Sensor Networks.- Frame Size Adaptive MAC Protocol in Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Networks.- FLEXOR: A Flexible Localization Scheme Based on RFID.- Security Enhancement Mechanism for Ad-Hoc OLSR Protocol.- Mitigating Route Request Flooding Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.- Advanced Networking.- Performance Analysis of an Efficient Network Transition Mechanism Supporting Mobile IPv6.- LAID: Load-Adaptive Internet Gateway Discovery for Ubiquitous Wireless Internet Access Networks.- Fast Restoration of Resilience-Guaranteed Segments Under Multiple Link Failures in a General Mesh-Type MPLS/GMPLS Network.- Impact of Burst Control Packet Congestion on Burst Loss Rate in Optical Burst Switched Networks.- EIMD: A New Congestion Control for Fast Long-Distance Networks.- Dynamic Routing Tables Using Simple Balanced Search Trees.- On the Use of Balking for Estimation of the Blocking Probability for OBS Routers with FDL Lines.- Dropping Policy for Improving the Throughput of TCP over Optical Burst-Switched Networks.- LBSR: A Load-Balanced Semiminimal Routing Algorithm in Cellular Routers.- A Study of Matching Output Queueing with a 3D-VOQ Switch.- BGP Route Selection Notice.- Unicast and Multicast RWA Algorithms in DWDM-Based OVPN Backbone Networks.- QoS and Resource Management.- Improving Delay Characteristics of Real-Time Flows by Adaptive Early Packet Discarding.- Voice Traffic Characterization Models in VoIP Transport Network.- On Flow Distribution over Multiple Paths Based on Traffic Characteristics.- Open and Association MCTAs Access and Allocation Scheme by Staggering Algorithm in IEEE 802.15.3.- Cumulative-TIM Method for the Sleep Mode in IEEE 802.16e Wireless MAN.- An Overload-Resilient Flow Removal Algorithm for M-LWDF Scheduler.- Sink Tree-Based Bandwidth Allocation for Scalable QoS Flow Set-Up.- A QoS-Based Adaptive Resource Sharing Protection for Optical Burst Switching Networks.- Request Scheduling for Differentiated QoS at Website Gateway.- A Tunnel-Based QoS Management Framework for Delivering Broadband Internet on Trains.- A Resource Management Mechanism for Hose Model Based VPN QoS Provisioning.- Analysis of Multimedia Streaming Service over Server-Based Many-to-Many Overlay Multicast.- Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Two Random Walk Models in the PCS Network.- Time-Out Bloom Filter: A New Sampling Method for Recording More Flows.- A Performance Analysis Modeling of a QoS-Enabled Home Gateway.- Time-Driven vs Packet-Driven: A Deep Study on Traffic Sampling.- Performance Evaluation of an Enhanced Distance-Based Registration Scheme Using the Normal Distribution Approximation.- Interoperability Experiences on Integrating Between Different Active Measurement Systems.- Network and Transport Protocols.- Receiver-Based Rate Control with One-Way Trip Time for Multimedia Applications.- Enhancing TCP Throughput and Fairness with a Timer-Based Transmission Control over Heterogeneous Networks.- TCP-Friendly Rate Control Scheme Based on RTP.- Improved Wireless TCP by Discriminative Control Using Loss Cause Reasoning.- A Method to Alleviate Unfairness Between HSTCP Flows with Different RTT.- Application-Rate Aware Congestion Control Algorithm for Video Streams.- Network Security.- An Efficient Key Tree Management Algorithm for LKH Group Key Management.- Proposal for a Practical Cipher Communication Protocol That Can Coexist with NAT and Firewalls.- An Integrated Scheme for Intrusion Detection in WLAN.- Topology-Aware Key Management Scheme for Secure Overlay Multicast.- Password-Based User Authentication Protocol for Mobile Environment.- SVM Based Packet Marking Technique for Traceback on Malicious DDoS Traffic.- RCS: A Distributed Mechanism Against Link Flooding DDoS Attacks.- Detecting Unknown Worms Using Randomness Check.- A Hypothesis Testing Based Scalable TCP Scan Detection.- An IP Address Anonymization Scheme with Multiple Access Levels.- A Compression Method Designed for SMTP over TLS.- Applications and Services.- Design of a Video Door Phone Service Providing Personal Mobility Based on Home Gateway System.- Exploiting Domain Ontologies and Intelligent Agents: An Automated Network Management Support Paradigm.- An Early Decision Algorithm to Accelerate Web Content Filtering.- Near-Duplicate Mail Detection Based on URL Information for Spam Filtering.- Two-Level Proxy: The Media Streaming Cache Architecture for GPRS Mobile Network.- A Protocol Switching Scheme for Developing Network Management Applications.- Multimedia Traffic Load Distribution in Massively Multiplayer Online Games.- A Realization Method of Voice over IP System Passing Through Firewall and Its Implementation.- Voice Logging and Search Technology in IP Telephony Call Center.- Integration of Ontologies and Semantic Annotations with Resource Description Framework in Eclipse-Based Platforms with Editing Features for Semantic Web.- Analysis of Error Resilience in H.264 Video Using Slice Interleaving Technique.- Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Networks.- Performance Evaluation of QoS-Aware Routing in Overlay Network.- Path-Aware Multicast for Efficient File Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks.- Dynamic Algorithms to Provide a Robust and Scalable Overlay Routing Service.- A Decentralized Scheme for Network-Aware Reliable Overlay Construction.- BACS: Split Channel Based Overlay Multicast for Multimedia Streaming.- Heterogeneity Aware P2P Algorithm by Using Mobile nodeID.- A Reciprocal Capacity Based Adaptive Topology Protocol for P2P Networks.

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