Modern trends in pseudo-differential operators



Modern trends in pseudo-differential operators

Joachim Toft, M.W. Wong, Hongmei Zhu, editors

(Operator theory : advances and applications, v. 172)

Birkhäuser, c2007

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The ISAAC Group in Pseudo-Differential Operators (IGPDO) met at the Fifth ISAAC Congress held at Universita di Catania in Italy in July, 2005. This volume consists of papers based on lectures given at the special session on pseudodifferential operators and invited papers that bear on the themes of IGPDO. Nineteen peer-reviewed papers represent modern trends in pseudo-differential operators. Diverse topics related to pseudo-differential operators are covered.


The Quantization of Edge Symbols.- On Rays of Minimal Growth for Elliptic Cone Operators.- Symbolic Calculus of Pseudo-differential Operators and Curvature of Manifolds.- Weyl Transforms, Heat Kernels, Green Functions and Riemann Zeta Functions on Compact Lie Groups.- On the Fourier Analysis of Operators on the Torus.- Wave Kernels of the Twisted Laplacian.- Super-exponential Decay of Solutions to Differential Equations in ?d.- Gevrey Local Solvability for Degenerate Parabolic Operators of Higher Order.- A New Aspect of the L p-extension Problem for Inhomogeneous Differential Equations.- Continuity in Quasi-homogeneous Sobolev Spaces for Pseudo-differential Operators with Besov Symbols.- Continuity and Schatten Properties for Pseudo-differential Operators on Modulation Spaces.- Algebras of Pseudo-differential Operators with Discontinuous Symbols.- A Class of Quadratic Time-frequency Representations Based on the Short-time Fourier Transform.- A Characterization of Stockwell Spectra.- Exact and Numerical Inversion of Pseudo-differential Operators and Applications to Signal Processing.- On the Product of Localization Operators.- Gelfand-Shilov Spaces, Pseudo-differential Operators and Localization Operators.- Continuity and Schatten Properties for Toeplitz Operators on Modulation Spaces.- Microlocalization within Some Classes of Fourier Hyperfunctions.

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