Reflective practice to improve schools : an action guide for educators



Reflective practice to improve schools : an action guide for educators

Jennifer York-Barr ... [et al.] ; foreword by Arthur L. Costa

Corwin Press, c2006

2nd ed

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Other authors: William A. Sommers, Gail S. Ghere, Jo Montie

Includes bibliographical references (p. 289-302) and index

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Praise for the First Edition: '(the book) poses a challenging, compelling argument and is highly recommended for any educator in search of tips, tricks, and techniques for self improvement on the job' - Midwest Book Review 'This book is a must read for teacher leaders, principals, and central office administrators. The authors make a substantive and powerful argument for addressing reflection at all levels of the organization and provide practical tools and insights to facilitate a comfortable transition from theory to practice. This book will be valuable to anyone serious about ensuring success for all students' - Stephanie Hirsh, Deputy Executive Director, National Staff Development Council Reflective Practice to Improve Schools allows educators to examine individual and collective beliefs and assumptions, leading to insights about instructional effectiveness. A unique, useful tool for understanding the potential--in fact, the necessity--of reflective practice, this important book offers a practical guide to initiating or extending individual and collaborative commitments to reflective practice schoolwide. You will find new information added to this edition that includes: o More ideas and strategies for individual reflection o New examples from practice for administrators and more schoolwide examples o Greater reflection for fostering equity and cultural competence


List of Tables and Figures Foreword by Arthur L. Costa Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors 1. Reflective Practice for Continuous Learning 2. Fundamentals for Reflective Practice 3. Individual Reflective Practice 4. Reflective Practice With Partners 5. Reflective Practice in Small Groups and Teams 6. Schoolwide Refective Practice 7. Moving Forward With Reflective Practice--in Hope and Possibility Resource 1.A Theory of Action for Reflective Practice Resource 1.B Reflective Practice Spiral Resource 1.C Schoolwide Web of Relationships Resource 1.D Framework for Closing Reflections Resource 2.A Questions to Support Reframing Resource 3.A Framework for Personal Reflections on Professional Purpose and Practice Resource 3.B Personal Inventory of Reflective Practices Resource 3.C A 4-Step Reflection Process Resource 3.D Questions to Reflect on Meaning in Life Resource 3.E Questions for Getting Started With Individual Reflective Practice Resource 4.A Questions to Prompt Reflection On and For Instruction Resource 4.B Questions to Prepare for Being Coached Resource 4.C Questions for Getting Started With Partner Reflective Practice Resource 5.A Selected Quotes About Reflective Practice Resource 5.B Table Top Collaborative Group Norms Resource 5.C Protocol for Meeting or Learning-Group Design Resource 5.D Protocol for Planning Differentiated Instruction Resource 5.E Protocol for Collaborative Examination of Student Work Resource 5.F Questions for Getting Started With Reflective Practice in Small Groups or Teams Resource 6.A Framework for Reflective Practice Planning and Design Resource 6.B Questions for Getting Started With Schoolwide Reflective Practice Resource 7.A R-E-F-L-E-C-T-I-O-N Mnemonic: Lessons Learned About Reflective Practice References Index

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