The WTO and poverty and inequality


The WTO and poverty and inequality

edited by L. Alan Winters

(Critical perspectives on the global trading system and the WTO / series editors, Kym Anderson, Bernard Hoekman, 13)(An Elgar reference collection)

Edward Elgar, c2007

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This comprehensive two-volume collection presents key papers on the relationship between international trade and trade policy on the one hand, and poverty and inequality on the other. These relationships highlight the connections between the WTO and income distribution. The analytical and policy context of the volumes is laid out by the editor's introduction and by the first two articles of the collection. The selected papers in the first volume cover macroeconomic links, price links, general equilibrium modeling and, in the second volume, factor markets. Prominent in the second volume are readings on the effects of trade on labour markets in developed and developing countries. Some articles develop the theory of trade and income distribution, but most are empirical and quantitative, stressing the need to test theory and measure key effects before one can make useful policy statements. This book will be invaluable for graduate students, policy makers and professional applied economists.


Contents: Volume I Acknowledgements Introduction L. Alan Winters PART I OVERVIEW AND BASIC CONCEPTS 1. L. Alan Winters, Neil McCulloch and Andrew McKay (2004), 'Trade Liberalization and Poverty: The Evidence So Far' 2. Ravi Kanbur (2001), 'Economic Policy, Distribution and Poverty: The Nature of Disagreements' PART II MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS 3. Francisco Rodriguez and Dani Rodrik (2001), 'Trade Policy and Economic Growth: A Skeptic's Guide to the Cross-National Evidence' 4. T.N. Srinivasan and Jagdish Bhagwati (2001), 'Outward-Orientation and Development: Are Revisionists Right?' 5. L. Alan Winters (2004), 'Trade Liberalisation and Economic Performance: An Overview' 6. David Dollar and Aart Kraay (2002), 'Growth is Good for the Poor' 7. Branko Milanovic (2005), 'Can We Discern the Effect of Globalization on Income Distribution? Evidence from Household Surveys' 8. Martin Ravallion (2001), 'Growth, Inequality and Poverty: Looking Beyond Averages' 9. F. Bourguignon and C. Morrisson (1990), 'Income Distribution, Development and Foreign Trade: A Cross-Sectional Analysis' 10. Jeffrey G. Williamson (1997), 'Globalization and Inequality, Past and Present' PART III PRICE EFFECTS 11. Angus Deaton (1989), 'Rice Prices and Income Distribution in Thailand: A Non-Parametric Analysis' 12. Christopher B. Barrett and Paul A. Dorosh (1996), 'Farmers' Welfare and Changing Food Prices: Nonparametric Evidence from Rice in Madagascar' 13. Paul A. Dorosh (2001), 'Trade Liberalization and National Food Security: Rice Trade between Bangladesh and India' 14. Jed Friedman and James Levinsohn (2002), 'The Distributional Impacts of Indonesia's Financial Crisis on Household Welfare: A "Rapid Response" Methodology' 15. Jikun Huang, Scott Rozelle and Min Chang (2004), 'Tracking Distortions in Agriculture: China and Its Accession to the World Trade Organization' 16. Guido G. Porto (2005), 'Informal Export Barriers and Poverty' PART IV CGE MODELING 17. Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion (2004), 'Welfare Impacts of China's Accession to the World Trade Organization' 18. Thomas W. Hertel, Maros Ivanic, Paul V. Preckel and John A.L. Cranfield (2004), 'The Earnings Effects of Multilateral Trade Liberalization: Implications for Poverty' 19. Thomas W. Hertel and L. Alan Winters (2006), 'Poverty Impacts of a WTO Agreement: Synthesis and Overview' 20. Henning Tarp Jensen and Finn Tarp (2005), 'Trade Liberalization and Spatial Inequality: A Methodological Innovation in a Vietnamese Perspective' 21. Thomas Rutherford, David Tarr and Oleksandr Shepotylo (2006), 'The Impact on Russia of WTO Accession and the DDA: The Importance of Liberalization of Barriers Against FDI in Services for Growth and Poverty Reduction' Name Index Volume II Acknowledgements An introduction by the editor to both volumes appears in Volume I PART I FACTOR MARKET APPROACHES 1. Wolfgang F. Stolper and Paul A. Samuelson (1941), 'Protection and Real Wages' 2. Ronald W. Jones (1971), 'A Three-Factor Model in Theory, Trade, and History' 3. J. Peter Neary (1978), 'Short-run Capital Specificity and the Pure Theory of International Trade' 4. Steven Matusz and David Tarr (2000), 'Adjusting to Trade Policy Reform' 5. Antonio Spilimbergo, Juan Luis Londono and Miguel Szekely (1999), 'Income Distribution, Factor Endowments, and Trade Openness' 6. Robert C. Feenstra and Gordon H. Hanson (1997), 'Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Wages: Evidence from Mexico's Maquiladoras' 7. Paolo Manasse and Alessandro Turrini (2001), 'Trade, Wages, and "Superstars"' PART II LABOUR MARKETS: DEVELOPING COUNTRIES 8. Martin Rama (2003), 'Globalization and the Labor Market' 9. Deepak Lal (1986), 'Stolper-Samuelson-Rybczynski in the Pacific: Real Wages and Real Exchange Rates in the Philippines, 1956-1978' 10. Adrian Wood (1997), 'Openness and Wage Inequality in Developing Countries: The Latin American Challenge to East Asian Conventional Wisdom' 11. Gordon H. Hanson and Ann Harrison (1999), 'Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality in Mexico' 12. Donald Robbins and T.H. Gindling (1999), 'Trade Liberalization and the Relative Wages for More-Skilled Workers in Costa Rica' 13. Susan Chun Zhu and Daniel Trefler (2005), 'Trade and Inequality in Developing Countries: A General Equilibrium Analysis' 14. Nina Pavcnik, Andreas Blom, Pinelopi Goldberg and Norbert Schady (2004), 'Trade Liberalization and Industry Wage Structure: Evidence From Brazil' 15. Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg and Nina Pavcnik (2003), 'The Response of the Informal Sector to Trade Liberalization' 16. Eric V. Edmonds and Nina Pavcnik (2005), 'The Effect of Trade Liberalization on Child Labor' PART III LABOUR MARKETS: INDUSTRIAL COUNTRIES 17. Adrian Wood (1995), 'How Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers' 18. Richard B. Freeman (1995), 'Are Your Wages Set in Beijing?' 19. Eli Berman, John Bound and Stephen Machin (1998), 'Implications of Skill-Biased Technological Change: International Evidence' 20. Jonathan Haskel and Matthew J. Slaughter (2001), 'Trade, Technology and U.K. Wage Inequaltiy' 21. Vanessa Strauss-Kahn (2004), 'The Role of Globalization in the Within-Industry Shift Away from Unskilled Workers in France' 22. Noel Gaston and Daniel Trefler (1994), 'Protection, Trade, and Wages: Evidence from U.S. Manufacturing' 23. Sandra E. Black and Elizabeth Brainerd (2004), 'Importing Equality? The Impact of Globalization on Gender Discrimination' Name Index

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