Context and appropriateness : micro meets macro


Context and appropriateness : micro meets macro

edited by Anita Fetzer

(Pragmatics & beyond : new series, v. 162)

John Benjamins Publishing, c2007

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"The papers collected ... from a panel organized on this topic at the 9th IPrA Conference held in Riva del Garda in the 2005"--P. [3]

Includes bibliographies and index



This book departs from the premise that context and appropriateness represent complex relational configurations which can no longer be conceived as analytic primes but rather require the accommodation of micro and macro perspectives to capture their inherent dynamism. The edited volume presents a collection of papers which examine the connectedness between context and appropriateness from interdisciplinary perspectives. The papers use different theoretical frameworks, such as situation theory, speech act theory, cognitive pragmatics, sociopragmatics, discourse analysis, argumentation theory and functional linguistics. They reflect current moves in pragmatics and discourse analysis to cross disciplinary and methodological boundaries by integrating relevant premises and insights, in particular cognition, negotiation of meaning, sequentiality, recipient design and genre.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Context, contexts and appropriateness (by Fetzer, Anita)
  • 3. Part I. Bridging problems between context and appropriateness
  • 4. Similar situations (by Akman, Varol)
  • 5. Appropriateness and felicity conditions: A theoretical issue (by Oishi, Etsuko)
  • 6. Appropriateness: An adaptive view (by Nyan, Thanh)
  • 7. Part II: Bridging problems between communicative action and appropriateness
  • 8. If I may say so: Indexing appropriateness in dialogue (by Fetzer, Anita)
  • 9. The appropriateness of questions (by Becker, Annette)
  • 10. Cooperative conflict and evasive language: The case of the 9-11 commission hearings (by Berlin, Lawrence N.)
  • 11. Part III: Bridging problems between micro and macro
  • 12. The attenuating conditional: Context, appropriateness and interaction (by Miecznikowski, Johanna)
  • 13. Collaborative use of contrastive markers: Contextual and co-textual implications (by Carota, Francesca)
  • 14. Index

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