Enhancing early attachments : theory, research, intervention, and policy


Enhancing early attachments : theory, research, intervention, and policy

edited by Lisa J. Berlin ... [et al.]

(Duke series in child development and public policy / Kenneth A. Dodge and Martha Putallaz, editors)

Guilford Press, 2007, c2005

Paperback edition

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Other editors: Yair Ziv, Lisa Amaya-Jackson, Mark T. Greenberg

Includes bibliographical references and index



Synthesizing the latest theory, research, and practices related to supporting early attachments, this volume provides a unique window into the major treatment and prevention approaches available today. Chapters address the theoretical and empirical bases of attachment interventions; explore the effects of attachment-related trauma and how they can be ameliorated; and describe a range of exemplary programs operating at the individual, family, and community levels. Throughout, the authors consider cross-cutting issues such as the core components of effective services and appropriate outcome measures for attachment interventions. Also discussed are policy implications, including how programs to enhance early child-caregiver relationships fit into broader health, social service, and early education systems.


I. Theoretical and Research Bases for Interventions to Enhance Early Attachments 1. Interventions to Enhance Early Attachments: The State of the Field Today, Lisa J. Berlin 2. Examination of the Precursors of Infant Attachment Security: Implications for Early Intervention and Intervention Research, Jude Cassidy, Susan S. Woodhouse, Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, Bert Powell, and Mindy Rodenberg 3. Attachment-Based Intervention Programs: Implications for Attachment Theory and Research, Yair Ziv 4. The Developmental Neurobiology of Disrupted Attachment: Lessons from Animal Models and Child Abuse Research, Frank W. Putnam 5. Reciprocal Influences of Attachment and Trauma: Using a Dual Lens in the Assessment and Treatment of Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, Alicia F. Lieberman and Lisa Amaya-Jackson II. Interventions to Enhance Early Attachments: Practice and Policy 6. The Circle of Security Intervention: Differential Diagnosis and Differential Treatment, Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman, Bert Powell, and Robert Marvin 7. Minding the Baby: Enhancing Parental Reflective Functioning in a Nursing/Mental Health Home Visiting Program, Arietta Slade, Lois S. Sadler, and Linda C. Mayes 8. Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-Up: An Intervention Targeting Empirically Identified Needs of Foster Infants, Mary Dozier, Oliver Lindhiem, and John P. Ackerman 9. Building Attachment Relationships Following Maltreatment and Severe Deprivation, Charles H. Zeanah and Anna T. Smyke 10. The Nurse-Family Partnership: Foundations in Attachment Theory and Epidemiology, David L. Olds 11. Enhancing Early Attachments in the Context of Early Head Start: Can Programs Emphasizing Family Support Improve Rates of Secure Infant-Mother Attachments in Low-Income Families?, Susan Spieker, Dana Nelson, Michelle DeKlyen, and Fredi Staerkel 12. Tales From the Capitol: Tried, True, and Not-True Strategies for Increasing Policy Support for Programs to Enhance Early Attachment, Geoffrey Nagle and Joan Wightkin * Commentaries 1. Why Less Is More: From the Dodo Bird Verdict to Evidence-Based Interventions on Sensitivity and Early Attachments, Marinus van IJzendoorn, Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg, and Femmie Juffer 2. Models versus Metaphors in Translating Attachment Theory to the Clinic and Community, Thomas G. O'Connor and Wendy L. Nilsen 3. Enhancing Early Attachments: Synthesis and Recommendations for Research, Practice, and Policy, Mark T. Greenberg

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