Public health in Asia and the Pacific : historical and comparative perspectives


Public health in Asia and the Pacific : historical and comparative perspectives

edited by Milton J. Lewis and Kerrie L. MacPherson

(Routledge advances in Asia-Pacific studies, 11)

Routledge, 2008

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The Asia-Pacific region has not only the greatest concentration of population but is, arguably, the future economic centre of the world. Epidemiological transition in the region is occurring much faster than it did in the West and many countries face the emerging problem of chronic diseases at the same time as they continue to grapple with communicable diseases. This book explores how disease patterns and health problems in Asia and the Pacific, and collective responses to them, have been shaped over time by cultural, economic, social, demographic, environmental and political factors. With fourteen chapters, each devoted to a country in the region, the authors take a comparative and historical approach to the evolution of public health and preventive medicine, and offer a broader understanding of the links in a globalizing world between health on the one hand and culture, economy, polity and society on the other. Public Health in Asia and the Pacific presents the importance of the non-medical context in the history of human disease, as well as the significance of disease in the larger histories of the region. It will appeal to scholars and policy makers in the fields of public health, the history of medicine, and those with a wider interest in the Asia-Pacific region.


1. Public Health in Asia and the Pacific: An Introduction Milton J. Lewis and Kerrie L. MacPherson 2. Invisible Borders: Hong Kong, China and the Imperatives of Public Health Kerrie L. MacPherson 3. History of Public Health in Modern Japan: The Road to Becoming the Healthiest Nation in the World Masahira Anesaki 4. A History of Public Health in Korea In-Sok Yeo 5. History of Public Health in Modern India: 1857-2005 Radhika Ramasubban 6. Public Health in Thailand: Changing Medical Paradigms and Disease Patterns in Political and Economic Context Paul T. Cohen 7. "Could Confinement be Humanised"? A Modern History of Leprosy in Vietnam Laurence Monnais 8. Conflict and Collaboration in Public Health: The Rockefeller Foundation and the Dutch Colonial Government in Indonesia Terence H. Hull 9. The Political Determinants of Public Health in Timor-Leste: Foreign Domination and the Path to Independence Sue Ingram 10. From Colonial Economy to Social Equity: History of Public Health in Malaysia Kai Hong Phua and Mary Lai Lin Wong 11. From Colony to Global City: Public Health Strategies and the Control of Disease in Singapore Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Kai Hong Phua and Kelly Fu 12. Public Health and the Clash of Cultures: The Philippine Cholera Epidemics Willie T. Ong 13. Public Health in Australia from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century Milton J. Lewis 14. Papua New Guinea: Epidemiological Transition, Public Health and the Pacific Vicki Luker 15. History of Public Health in Pacific Island Countries Richard Taylor

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