Handbook of education politics and policy



Handbook of education politics and policy

edited by Bruce S. Cooper, James G. Cibulka, Lance D. Fusarelli

Routledge, 2008

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Written by a mix of established and rising stars in school politics, policy, law, finance, and reform this comprehensive Handbook provides a three part framework that helps organize this relatively new and loosely organized field of study. A central theme running through the book is how to harness politics to school equity and improvement. Key features include: Thematic Discussions - detailed discussions of key topics in educational politics are organized by themes and competing perspectives. The overarching themes are 1) the goals of the U.S. political system (justice, equity, opportunity, efficiency and choice); 2) the means and resources for reaching these goals; and 3) the political behaviors and compromises that seek to mitigate ideological differences and conflicts of interest. Research Oriented - in addition to summarizing the latest research connected to key topics, each chapter exemplifies and reports on the methods and techniques for further exploration of these topics. Reform Oriented - throughout the book and especially in the summarizing chapter, authors provide suggestions for improving the political behaviors of key educational groups and individuals: unions, superintendents, politicians, school boards, teachers, and parents.


Preface: The Need for a Politics of Education Handbook , James G. Cibulka, Lance D. Fusarelli and Bruce S. Cooper 1: Introduction: Researching Toward a New Politics of Education, James G. Cibulka, Lance D. Fusarelli, and Bruce S. Cooper PART I: FEDERAL, STATE, AND LOCAL POLITICS OF EDUCATION 2- Federalism, Equity, and Accountability in Education, Kenneth K. Wong 3- Understanding Education Policy Change in the American States: Lessons from Political Science, Michael K. McLendon & Lora Cohen-Vogel 4 - Political Cultures in Education at the State and Local Level: Views From Three States, Karen S. Febey & Karen Seashore Louis 5 -Understanding School Board Politics: Balancing Public Voice and Professional Power, Patricia A.L. Ehrensal & Patricia F. First 6 - Urban Regime Theory and the Reform of Public Schools: Governance, Power and Leadership, Dorothy Shipps 7 - Judicial Impact on Education Politics and Policies, Martha McCarthy 8- Hitting a Moving Target: How Politics Determines the Changing Roles of Superintendents and School Boards, Thomas Alsbury 9 - Beyond Pluralistic Patterns of Power: Research on the Micro-politics of Schools, Betty Malen & Melissa Vincent 10- The Evolving Political Role of Urban Mayors in Education, Fritz Edelstein PART II: INTEREST GROUPS AND INSTITUTIONAL EFFECTS ON EDUCATIONAL POLITICS 11- Politics of Interest: Interest Groups and Advocacy Coalitions in American Education, Darleen Opfer, Tamara V. Young, & Lance D. Fusarelli 12 - Institutional Agility: Using the New Institutionalism to Guide School Reform, Jo Bennett & Janice Hansel 13 - Religious Faith and Policy in Public Education: A Political and Historical Analysis of the Christian Right in American Schooling, Nate Myers & James G. Cibulka 14 - The Ideological and Political Landscape of School Choice Interest Groups in the Post-Zelman Era, Janelle Scott, Chris Lubienski, & Elizabeth DeBray-Perlot 15 - The Collective Politics of Teacher Unionism, Bruce S. Cooper & John Sureau PART III: THE POLITICS OF EQUITY & EXCELLENCE 16 - Feminism and Education Politics: No Longer for Women Only, Catherine Marshall & Lois Andre-Bechely 17 -Politics, Empirical Evidence and Policy Design: The Case of School Finance and the Costs of Educational Adequacy, Bruce D. Baker & Preston C. Green 18- The Shifting Notion of "Publicness" in Public Education, Gary J. Miron 19- The Politics of Coordinated Services for Children: Inter-institutional Relations and Social Justice, Bonnie C. Fusarelli 20 - Excellence versus Equity: Political Forces in the Education of Gifted Students, Frances R. Spielhagen & Elissa F. Brown 21 -The Politics of (De)Segregation, Paul Green 22 - Towards a New Political Leadership Praxis in the Rescaled Space of Urban Educational Governance, Hanne B. Mawhinney

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