Maternal-neonatal nursing made incredibly easy!


Maternal-neonatal nursing made incredibly easy!

Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2008

2nd ed


Maternal-neonatal nursing : made incredibly easy!

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 579) and index

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Part of the popular Incredibly Easy! series, Maternal-Neonatal Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!, Second Edition, offers everything you need to know to perform competent and safe maternal-neonatal nursing care. It covers fundamentals, such as fetal development, legal issues, and ethical issues; family planning, including advantages and disadvantages to contraception methods; infertility; perinatal periods, from conception to labor; postpartum maternal and neonatal care and assessment; and more. It also features physiologic and psychologic adaptations to pregnancy, complications of labor and birth, complications of the postpartum period, and high-risk neonatal conditions.


Consultants and Contributors Foreword 1: Introduction to Maternal-Neonatal Nursing 2: Conception and Fetal Development 3: Family Planning, Contraception, and Infertility 4: Physiologic and Psychosocial Adaptations to Pregnancy 5: Prenatal Care 6: High-Risk Pregnancy 7: Labor and Birth 8: Complications of Labor and Birth 9: Postpartum Care 10: Complications of the Postpartum Period 11: Neonatal Assessment and Care 12: High-Risk Neonatal Conditions Appendices and Index: Laboratory Values for Pregnant and Nonpregnant Patients Selected Maternal Daily Dietary Allowances Normal Neonatal Laboratory Values NANDA-I Taxonomy II Glossary Selected References Index

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