Family and the welfare state in Europe : intergenerational relations in ageing societies



Family and the welfare state in Europe : intergenerational relations in ageing societies

Agnes Blome, Wolfgang Keck, Jens Alber ; [translated by John Beudix]

Edward Elgar, c2009


Generationenbeziehungen im Wohlfahrtsstaat : Lebensbedingungen und Einstellungen im internationalen Vergleich

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"This book is the translated and slightly revised version of the 2008 German publication Generationenbeziehungen im Wohlfahrtsstaat: Lebensbedingungen und Einstellungen im internationalen Vergleich (VS-Verlag, Wiesbaden)"--Acknowledgements

Bibliography: p. 288-330

Includes index



This insightful book explores the role of both the family and the state in shaping the living conditions of the young and old in Europe. It provides a comparative theoretical and empirical analysis of age-related policies and welfare arrangements in Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. By combining institutional data on changes in public policies with longitudinal micro-data on living arrangements and informal support patterns in families, the authors are able to demonstrate the huge diversity in the organization of intergenerational relations and the changes that have occurred since the early 1990s. Age-specific differences in attitudes towards current social policy issues are also explored. The key finding is that intergenerational bonds of solidarity remain robust, meaning predictions of a potential conflict between the generations are vastly exaggerated. Providing up-to-date information on the perception of public policies and generational conflicts in different welfare states, this book is a must read for researchers in the field of comparative social policy and intergenerational relations. It will also benefit academics in sociology and political science, as well as policy-makers and consultants.


Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Intergenerational Solidarity between State and Family 3. Research Design 4. The Four Welfare Regimes Compared 5. Pension Systems and the Material Living Conditions of Older Persons 6. The Care of the Elderly 7. Transfer Payments for Families 8. Childcare between Family and State 9. Does a Generational Conflict Exist? Differences in Attitudes by Age Group 10. Old and Young in the Welfare State - Lessons from International Comparisons Bibliography Index

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