Violent death : resilience and intervention beyond the crisis


Violent death : resilience and intervention beyond the crisis

edited by Edward K. Rynearson

(Brunner-Routledge psychosocial stress series)

Routledge, c2006

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This book pulls together a definitive collection of work on the theory and practice of clinical, spiritual, and emotional support after the experience of violent death - counseling beyond the crisis. Over the past decade, there have been countless publications devoted to crisis response, crisis intervention and counseling, disaster mental health services, and support for victims of traumatic events, but almost none devoted to the response planning and community care for those individuals who continue to struggle with trauma and grief issues for more than a few months after a violent death. The chapters in this volume, written by national and international experts in the field, provide the reader with the theoretical and clinical bases necessary for planning and implementing clinical and spiritual services to meet the needs of survivors, witnesses, family and community members of violent death.


Restorative and Clinical Essentials. Raphael, Stevens, Dunsmore, Clinical Theories of Loss and Grief. Bonanno, Grief, Trauma, and Resilience. Salloum, Rynearson, Family Resilience After Violent Death. Lord, Spiritual Essentials. Currier, Neimeyer, Fragmented Stories. Armour, Meaning Making for Survivors of Violent Death. Chefetz, Considering Medication Use in the Wake of Traumatic Experience. Restorative and Clinical Interventions. Ochberg, Exorcising Ghosts. Shear, Gorscak, Simon, Treatment of Complicated Grief Following Violent Death. Murphy, Evidence-based Interventions for Parents Following Their Children's Violent Deaths. Rynearson, Correa, Favell, Saindon, Prigerson, Restorative Retelling After Violent Dying. Malkinson, Geron, Intervention Continuity in Posttraffic Fatality. Davies, Salloum, What About the Very Young Child? Cohen, Mannarino, Treating Childhood Traumatic Grief. Rynearson, Favell, Belluomini, Gold, Prigerson, Restorative Retelling with Incarcerated Juveniles. Community Outreach and Intervention After Disaster and Warfare. Benedek, Ursano, Mass Violent Death and Military Communities. Allen, Tucker, Pfefferbaum, Community Outreach Following a Terrorist Act. Shahani, Trish, Healing After September 11. Rasras, Mitwalli, Sehwail, Group Therapy for Palestinian Family Members After Violent Death. Rynearson, Closing Thoughts.

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