Global crises, social justice, and education


Global crises, social justice, and education

edited by Michael W. Apple

Routledge, 2010

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Education cannot be understood today without recognizing that nearly all educational policies and practices are strongly influenced by an increasingly integrated international economy. Reforms in one country have significant effects in others, just as immigration and population tides from one area to another have tremendous impacts on what counts as official knowledge and responsive and effective education. But what are the realities of these global crises that so many people are experiencing and how do their effects on education resonate throughout the world? Global Crises, Social Justice, and Education looks into the ways we understand globalization and education by getting specific about what committed educators can do to counter the relations of dominance and subordination around the world. From some of the world's leading critical educators and activists, this timely new collection provides thorough and detailed analyses of four specific centers of global crisis: the United States, Japan, Israel/Palestine, and Mexico. Each chapter engages in a powerful and critical analysis of what exactly is occurring in these regions and counters with an equally compelling critical portrayal of the educational work being done to interrupt global dominance and subordination. Without settling for vague ideas or romantic slogans of hope, Global Crises, Social Justice, and Education offers real, concrete examples and strategies that will contribute to ongoing movements and counter-hegemonic struggles already active in education today.


Acknowledgements 1: Global Crises, Social Justice, and Education -Michael W. Apple 2: New Literacies and New Rebellions in the Global Age -Ross Collin and Michael W. Apple 3: From the Conservative "Coup" to the New Beginning of Progressive Politics in Japanese Education -Keita Takayama 4: Israel/Palestine, Unequal Power, Power, and Movements for Democratic Education -Assaf Meshulam and Michael W. Apple 5: Popular Education Confronts Neoliberalism in the Public Sphere: The Struggle for Civil Society in Latin America -Erika Mein and Jen Sandler 6: Afterword on Global Crises, Social Justice, and Education -Michael W. Apple Contributors Index

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