Understanding suicidal behaviour : the suicidal process approach to research, treatment and prevention


Understanding suicidal behaviour : the suicidal process approach to research, treatment and prevention

edited by Kees van Heeringen

(The Wiley series in clinical psychology)

J. Wiley, 2002

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Originally published: 2001

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



NEW IN PAPERBACK How can suicide be prevented and treated by mental health professionals? Understanding Suicidal Behaviour offers a clinical guide to the assessment, treatment and prevention of suicidal behaviour, from a new and useful theoretical perspective. The book presents the arguments and research evidence that suicidal behaviour is not just a response to current emotional crises, but is influenced by persistent characteristics that can be defined in psychological and biological terms. The approach in this book accommodates and goes beyond previous aspects thought important in suicidal behaviour, like mental disorder and social stress. The key concept of vulnerability may provide new approaches to treatment to supplement the existing treatments, which are of limited efficacy. Challenges professionals to understand suicidal behaviour from a basis of vulnerability, personality, and development - and as a process that includes social, biological, and psychological interactions Offers ways in predicting suicidal behaviour and indicating earlier, effective interventions Cutting edge discussion of implications for the study and treatment of suicidal behaviour, by some of the leading authorities in the field "...warrants a place on the shelf of any suicidologist, clinician or researcher with an interest in suicidal behaviour...the editor and contributors ought to be commended on a comprehensive and lucid volume." British Journal of Clinical Psychology


About the Editors. List of Contributors. Introduction. PART I THE SUICIDAL PROCESS: AN OVERVIEW OF RESEARCH FINDINGS The Suicidal Process and Related Concepts (K. von Heeringen) Pathways to Suicide: The Epidemiology of the Suicidal Process Ad (Kerkhof and E. Arensman) Stress and Suicidal Behaviour (L. Traskman-Bendz and A. Westrin) About the Biological Interface between Psychotraumatic Experiences and Affective Dysregulation (H.M. van Praag) Psychological Aspects of the Suicidal Process (J.M.G. Williams and L.R. Pollock) Personality Constellations and Suicidal Behaviour (A. Apter and H. Ofek) Ethology and the Suicidal Process (R.D. Goldney) Towards a Psychobiological Model of the Suicidal Process (K. van Heeringen) PART II THE SUICIDAL PROCESS APPROACH: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE UNDERSTANDING AND TREATMENT OF SUICIDAL BEHAVIOUR Suicide Risk Assessment and the Suicidal-Process Approach (L. Amsel and J.J. Mann) The Suicidal Process and Society (U. Bille-Brahne) The Treatment of Suicidal Behaviour in the Context of the Suicidal Process K. (Hawton) Suicide as Goal-directed Action (K. Michel and L. Valach) Psychopharmacological Approaches to the Suicidal Process (K.M. Malone and M. Moran) Psychotherapeutic Implications of the Suicidal Approach (I. Kienhorst and K. van Heeringen) The Process Approach to Suicidal Behaviour: Future Directions in Research, Treatment and Prevention (K. van Heeringen) Author Index. Subject Index.

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