Places of faith : a road trip across America's religious landscape



Places of faith : a road trip across America's religious landscape

Christopher P. Scheitle & Roger Finke

Oxford University Press, c2012

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Lavishly illustrated with over 100 color photographs, Places of Faith takes readers on a fascinating religious road trip. Christopher Scheitle and Roger Finke have crisscrossed America, visiting churches in small towns and rural areas, as well as the mega-churches, storefronts, synagogues, Islamic centers, Eastern temples, and other places of faith in major cities. Each stop on their tour provides an opportunity to introduce a particular current of American religion. Memphis serves as a window into the Black Church, a visit to Colorado Springs provides insight into evangelicalism, and a stop in Detroit sheds light on American Muslims. Readers visit Hare Krishnas in San Francisco, the Amish in central Pennsylvania, and a "cowboy church" in Amarillo, Texas. As the authors journey across the country, they retell unique religious histories and touch on local religious profiles and trends. They draw from conversations they had with pastors, imams, bishops, priests, and monks, along with ordinary believers of all kinds. Most of all, they tell the reader what they saw and heard, putting a human face on America's astounding religious diversity.


  • Introduction
  • View from the Road: Underground Railroad
  • Chapter 1: Memphis
  • View from the Road: Hispanic Influences
  • Chapter 2: Houston
  • View from the Road: Cowboy Church
  • Chapter 3: Colorado Springs
  • View from the Road: Signs from the Road
  • Chapter 4: San Francisco
  • View from the Road: Hare Krishnas
  • Chapter 5: Salt Lake City
  • View from the Road: Our Lady of Peace Shrine
  • Chapter 6: Central Nebraska
  • View from the Road: Raised Religious
  • Chapter 7: Detroit
  • View from the Road: Monastery of the Transfiguration
  • Chapter 8: Brooklyn
  • View from the Road: The Amish
  • Conclusion: Central Pennsylvania

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