The practice of social research


The practice of social research

Earl Babbie

Wadsworth Cengage Learning, c2013

13th ed., International ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 563-575) and index



A straightforward, comprehensive, and approachable guide to research as practiced by social scientists, the Thirteenth Edition of Babbie's "gold-standard" text gives you the tools you need to apply research concepts practically, as both a researcher and a consumer. Babbie emphasizes the process by showing you how to design and construct projects, introducing the various observation modes in use today, and answering critical questions about research methods--such as how to conduct online surveys and analyze both qualitative and quantitative data.


PART I: AN INTRODUCTION TO INQUIRY. 1. Science and Social Research. 2. Social Inquiry: Ethics and Politics. 3. Inquiry, Theory, and Paradigms. PART II: THE STRUCTURING OF INQUIRY: QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE. 4. Purpose and Design of Research Projects 5. Sampling Logic. 6. From Concept to Measurement. 7. Typologies, Indexes, and Scales. PART III: MODES OF OPERATION: QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE. 8. Surveys. 9. Experiments and Experimentation. 10. Unobtrusive Measures. 11. Paradigms, Methods, and Ethics of Qualitative Field Research. 12. Evaluation Research: Types, Methods, and Issues. PART IV: ANALYSIS OF DATA: QUANTITATIVE AND QUALITATIVE. 13. Analyzing Qualitative Data. 14. Analyzing Quantitative Data. 15. Origins and Paradigm of the Elaboration Model. 16. Methods of Statistical Analysis. 17. Consuming and Creating Social Research.

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