Syntax : basic concepts and applications


Syntax : basic concepts and applications

Robert Freidin

Cambridge University Press, 2012

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Glossary: p. 265-274

Includes bibliographical references (p. 275-279) and index



Syntax: Basic Concepts and Applications provides a systematic introduction to core topics in syntax, focusing on how the basic concepts apply in the analysis of sentences. Assuming no background in linguistic analysis, the book gives students a working knowledge of syntactic analysis from a minimalist perspective. Step by step it explains the fundamentals of phrase structure, movement and deletion. Well-placed exercises throughout reinforce and extend the concepts and analyses presented in the text, allowing readers to gain understanding of progressively complex issues at a comfortable pace. Much of the data comes from English, but crucial examples are also drawn from a range of other languages, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Irish, Welsh and Greek.


  • 1. The computational nature of human language
  • 2. Knowledge of language as an object of inquiry
  • 3. Categories and constituents
  • 4. Phrase structure theory
  • 5. The structure of clauses
  • 6. The syntax of Spec-TP
  • 7. Head movement and the structure of root clauses
  • 8. Wh-movement
  • 9. Ellipsis: unpronounced syntax.

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