A concise introduction to mixed methods research


A concise introduction to mixed methods research

John W. Creswell

Sage, c2015

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 119-121) and index



John W. Creswell's A Concise Introduction to Mixed Methods Research is a brief overview of mixed methods research that takes readers through the essential steps in planning and designing a study. Rather than offering an extensive treatment of mixed methods, this concise book offers individuals in the social, behavioral, and health sciences a foundation for understanding mixed methods methodology. Practical for use in workshops, seminars, global webinars, and as a supplementary text in undergraduate and graduate classes, Creswell's book is ideal for the beginner or the more advanced researcher looking for a quick primer in mixed methods, by an authoritative mixed methods scholar. For a comprehensive treatment of Mixed Methods research, we recommend Designing and Conducting Mixed Methods Research, by John W. Creswell and Vicki J. Plano Clark.


Chapter 1. Basic Features of Mixed Methods Research Chapter 2. The Development and Advancement of Mixed Methods Chapter 3. Steps in Designing Mixed Methods Study Chapter 4. Skills Needed to Conduct Mixed Methods Research Chapter 5. Basic and Advanced Mixed Methods Designs Chapter 6. How to Draw a Diagram of Procedures Chapter 7. Introducing a Mixed Methods Study Chapter 8. Sampling and Integration Issues Chapter 9. Writing a Mixed Methods Study for Publication Chapter 10. Evaluating the Quality of a Mixed Methods Study

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