Elementary quantum mechanics


Elementary quantum mechanics

by R.W. Gurney

At the University Press, 2015, c1934

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Originally published in 1934, this book was primarily intended as a reference guide to equip undergraduate students with the introductory and principle knowledge of the theory of quantum mechanics. The book contains ten chapters in total, ranging from 'The wave equation' to 'Electrons in crystals'. Multiple diagrams also supplement the text, with their aim being to elucidate the problems of quantum mechanics via graphical methods and to illustrate the tangible array of challenges still faced by scientists in the field, including the problems of valency and the properties of molecules. Notably, Gurney identifies and examines the principles, considering and keeping always in view the 'physical significance'. This book will serve as a salient reference work for specialists and non-specialists alike and will be of great value to anyone wishing to further their understanding and knowledge in the history of quantum physics.


  • Preface
  • 1. Energy diagrams
  • 2. The new language of physics and chemistry
  • 3. The wave equation - the hydrogen atom - magnetic moment and electron spin - simple problems
  • 4. The uncertainty principle - systems containing many particles - electron configurations and the periodic table - metals
  • 5. The movement of particles
  • 6. Two interacting particles - diatomic molecules
  • 7. Independent observable quantities - homonuclear molecules - valence bonds
  • 8. Electrons in crystals - insulators and conductors
  • 9. Perturbation theory - the description of physical events
  • 10. The same continued
  • Mathematical appendix
  • Table of electron configurations and first ionisation potentials
  • Subject index
  • Name index.

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