The SIJORI cross-border region : transnational politics, economics, and culture


The SIJORI cross-border region : transnational politics, economics, and culture

edited by Francis E. Hutchinson & Terence Chong

ISEAS Publishing, 2016

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Includes bibliographical refefences and index

"ISEAS Yusof Ishak Institute"

"This collection is the first in a book series emanating from a broad research venture titled 'Floating frontiers' ..."--Foreword



Twenty-five years ago, the governments of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia agreed to jointly promote the citystate, the state of Johor in Malaysia and the Riau Islands in Indonesia. Facilitated by common cultural references, a more distant shared history, and complementary attributes, interactions between the three territories developed quickly. Logistics networks have proliferated and production chains link firms based in one location with affiliates or transport facilities in the other territories. These crossborder links have enabled all three locations to develop their economies and enjoy rising standards of living. Initially economic in nature, the interactions between Singapore, Johor, and the Riau Islands have multiplied and grown deeper. Today, people cross the borders to work, go to school, or avail of an increasing range of goods and services. New political and social phenomena have developed. Policy-makers in the various territories now need to reconcile economic imperatives and issues of identity and sovereignty. Enabled by their proximity and increasing opportunities, families have also begun to straddle borders, with resulting questions about citizenship and belonging. Bringing together scholars from a range of disciplines, the 18 chapters and more than 20 maps in this book examine the interaction between Singapore, Johor, and the Riau Islands over the past quarter-century, and seek to shed light on how these territories could develop in the future.

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