Interface Oral Health Science 2016 : innovative research on biosis-abiosis intelligent interface



Interface Oral Health Science 2016 : innovative research on biosis-abiosis intelligent interface

Keiichi Sasaki, Osamu Suzuki, Nobuhiro Takahashi, editors

Springer Open, c2017

  • : hardcover

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This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This volume broadens understanding of dentistry and promotes interdisciplinary research across a wide range of related fields, based on the symposium entitled "Innovative Research for Biosis-Abiosis Intelligent Interface 2016". It aims to create highly functional and autonomic intelligent interface by combining highly functional interface science with the technology of an evaluation and a control at the interface, with the various topics of biomaterials, innovation for oral science and application, regenerative oral science, and medical engineering. Since 2002, the Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry has hosted "Interface Oral Health Science" several times as the main theme of dental research in the twenty-first century, and this is the sixth proceedings of the symposiums following the ones in 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2014. This book benefits not only dental scientists but also other health scientists including medical physicians and pharmacologists, material scientists, engineers, and any scientist who is involved in variety of disciplines.


Part I Symposium I: Biomaterials in interface science.- 1. Low-modulus Ti Alloys Suitable for Rods in Spinal Fixation Devices.- 2. Ceramic coating of Ti and its alloys using dry processes for biomedical applications.- 3. Dealloying Toxic Ni from SUS316L Surface.- 4. Bio-ceramic coating of Ca-Ti-O system compound by laser chemical vapor deposition.- Part II Symposium II: Innovation for oral science and application.- 5. Development of a Robot-assisted Surgery System for Cranial-Maxillofacial Surgery.- 6. Facilitating the movement of qualified dental graduates to provide dental services across ASEAN member states.- 7. Putting the mouth into health: the importance of oral health for general health.- 8. Orofacial stem cells for cell based therapies of local and systemic diseases.- 9. Biomaterials in Caries Prevention and Treatment.- Part III Symposium III: Regenerative oral science.- 10. Efficacy of Calcium Phosphate-based Scaffold Materials on Mineralized and Non-mineralized Tissue Regeneration.- 11. Gene Delivery and Expression Systems in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.- 12. Emerging Regenerative Approaches for Periodontal Regeneration: The Future Perspective of Cytokine Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy.- 13. Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Tooth Number.- Part IV Symposium IV: Medical device innovation for diagnosis and treatment of biosis-abiosis interface.- 14. Open Source Technologies and Workflows in Digital Dentistry.- 15. Detection of Early Caries by Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy.- 16. Acoustic Diagnosis Device for Dentistry.- Part V Poster Presentation Award Winners.- 17. Activation of TLR3 enhance stemness and immunomodulatory properties of periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs).- 18. Influence of Exogenous IL-12 on Human Periodontal Ligament Cells.- 19. Development and performance of low cost beta-type Ti-based alloys for biomedical applications using Mn additions.- 20. Effect of Titanium Surface Modifications of Dental Implants on Rapid Osseointegration.- 21. Development of Powder Jet Deposition Technique and New Treatment for Discolored Teeth.- 22. Osteogenetic effect of low-magnitude high-frequency loading and parathyroid hormone on implant interface in osteoporosis.

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