Justification logic : reasoning with reasons


Justification logic : reasoning with reasons

Sergei Artemov, Melvin Fitting

(Cambridge tracts in mathematics, 216)

Cambridge University Press, 2019

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 234-243) and index



Classical logic is concerned, loosely, with the behaviour of truths. Epistemic logic similarly is about the behaviour of known or believed truths. Justification logic is a theory of reasoning that enables the tracking of evidence for statements and therefore provides a logical framework for the reliability of assertions. This book, the first in the area, is a systematic account of the subject, progressing from modal logic through to the establishment of an arithmetic interpretation of intuitionistic logic. The presentation is mathematically rigorous but in a style that will appeal to readers from a wide variety of areas to which the theory applies. These include mathematical logic, artificial intelligence, computer science, philosophical logic and epistemology, linguistics, and game theory.


  • Introduction: 1. Why justification logic?
  • 2. The basics of justification logic
  • 3. The ontology of justifcations
  • 4. Fitting models
  • 5. Sequents and tableaus
  • 6. Realization - how it began
  • 7. Realization - generalized
  • 8. The range of realization
  • 9. Arithmetical completeness and BHK semantics
  • 10. Quantifiers in justification logic
  • 11. Going past modal logic.

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