A practical approach to alternative dispute resolution


A practical approach to alternative dispute resolution

Susan Blake, Julie Browne, Stuart Sime

Oxford University Press, 2016

4th ed.

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A Practical Approach to Alternative Dispute Resolution provides a comprehensive and easily digestible commentary on all of the major areas of out-of-court dispute resolution. Designed to support teaching and learning on the Bar Professional Training Course, it will also be of interest to practitioners who are looking for a clear exposition of the range of ADR processes. Written by an authoritative and highly respected author team, this book contains a range of features designed to enhance the reader's understanding of the key points, including sample documentation, flow diagrams, tables, further resources, and examples drawn from a range of different types of practice. Now in its fifth edition, this book has established itself as a go-to reference on ADR. Online resources - Updates to cases and procedures - Useful links for each chapter - Diagrams and figures from the book


Part I History and Range of ADR Methods 1: Introduction 2: Overview of ADR options 3: Factors influencing the selection of an ADR option 4: Funding ADR procedures 5: Online ADR options and ODR 6: Professional ethics Part II The Interplay Between ADR, CPR and Litigation 7: The approach of the courts to ADR 8: The sanctions for refusing to engage in ADR processes 9: Recovery of ADR costs in litigation Part III Negotiation and Mediation 10: Overview of negotiation and mediation 11: Styles, strategies and tactics in negotiation 12: Preparing for negotiation 13: The negotiation process 14: Mediation 15: Preparation for the mediation 16: The mediation process 17: Reaching a settlement 18: Court mediation schemes and other schemes 19: International mediation Part IV Evaluation, Conciliation, and Ombudsmen 20: Conciliation 21: Complaints, grievances and ombudsmen 22: Early neutral evaluation Part V Recording Settlement 23: Recording settlement Part VI Adjudicative ADR 24: Expert or neutral determination 25: Construction industry adjudication 26: Arbitration 27: Arbitral tribunals 28: The commercial arbitration process 29: International arbitration 30: Arbitration awards and orders 31: High Court jurisdiction in arbitration claims 32: Enforcement of settlements and awards

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