Ecological risk management : for conservation biology and ecotoxicology


    • Matsuda, Hiroyuki


Ecological risk management : for conservation biology and ecotoxicology

Hiroyuki Matsuda, editor

(Ecological research monographs)

Springer, c2021

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This book introduces the theory and practice of ecological risk management. Using recent and live case studies in Japan, the book explains the use of basic mathematical techniques in extinction risk, adaptive population management, avian collision risk in wind farms, potential biological removal for marine mammals, and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals. The focus of this book is on case studies of nature conservation in Japan, including internationally renowned topics of Japanese fisheries, Shiretoko World Heritage, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident. It also covers the adaptive risk management of the new coronavirus disease. The book comprises four parts covering ecotoxicology, fisheries, wildlife management and conservation, and ecosystem-based management. It differs from other books in having its primary interest in human impacts on animals, plant, and ecosystems, while existing works in this area concentrate on the fate of toxic substances in the environments and their effects on humans. This book is unique in that it indicates various environmental issues that the theoretical ecology is potentially applicable without concentrating into any particular subject such as ecotoxicology or conservation biology. Primary readers are undergraduate/graduate students, staffs of environmental consultant companies and environmental NPOs, and journalists. Readers will find this book useful for its abundant information on case studies of ecological risk management and consensus building in Japan.


1) Introduction: Part I: Ecotoxicology 2) Total diet intake and human health risk of mercury 3) Population risk assessment of zinc concentration 4) How to evaluate ecological risks in heavy metals. Part II: Adaptive Population Management 5) Modern theory of fisheries risk management 6) Cull limit of Steller sea lions in Japan 7) Wildlife risk management of sika deer in Hokkaido Island 8) Risk of wind farms on white-fronted geese by avian collisions Part III: Beyond Population Management 9) Resource economics of exotic mangoose control in Amami Island 10) Effects of dams on ecological risk of inland fishes 11) Reconciling human security with bear persistence Part IV: Socioeconomic dimension of ecological risk management. 12) Application of ecological risk to Environment Impact Assessment, in the case of Aichi EXPO 2005. 13) Guideline of Nature Restoration Projects 14) Marine co-management plan of Shiretoko World Heritage Conluding remarks

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