Lessons for life : the schooling of girls and women, 1850-1950


Lessons for life : the schooling of girls and women, 1850-1950

edited by Felicity Hunt

B. Blackwell, 1987

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Bibliography: p. 192-217

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This is a study of education and growing up, both inside and outside the school, considering the various ways in which girls and women received their education in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In examining formal education at every level from the elementary to the university, it highlights the extent to which formal school structures and informal influences of socialization both reflected amd reinforced prevailing social practices and opinions. The first part of the book discusses how ideologies of femininity have influenced schooling for girls, the strategies adopted by pioneer Victorian headmistresses, and leisure reading aimed at girls and women readers. The next part of the book examines how educational inequality manifested itself in the elementary school curriculum, in relations in the teaching profession and intelligence testing. The third and final section explores the actual experiences of girls and women in formal education with accounts of schooling for girls in the inter-war years and the early years of college life for women students in Victorian Cambridge. This would be suitable reading for undergraduates and graduates in women's studies, history of education,and social history.


  • Part 1 Ideologies in education: divided aims - the educational implications of opposing ideologies in girls' secondary schooling 1850-1950, Felicity Hunt
  • Miss Buss and Miss Beale - gender and authority in the history of education, Carol Dyhouse
  • the ideology of femininity and reading for girls 1850-1914, Deborah Gorham
  • learning through leisure - feminine ideology in girls' magazines 1920-50, Penny Tinkler. Part 2 Inequalities in education: learning her womanly work - the elementary school curriculum 1870-1914, Annmarie Turnbull
  • inequalities in the teaching profession - the effect on teachers and pupils 1910-39, Alison Oram
  • better a teacher than a hairdresser? - "a mad passion for equality", or keeping Molly and Betty down, Deborah Thom. Part 3 Experiences in education: cultural reproduction in the education of girls - a study of girls' secondary schooling in two Lancashire towns 1900-50, Penny Summerfield
  • pioneer women students at Cambridge 1869-81 Perry Williams.

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