New trends in systems analysis : international symposium, Versailles, December 13-17, 1976


New trends in systems analysis : international symposium, Versailles, December 13-17, 1976

IRIA Laboria, Institut de Recherche d'Informatique et d'Automatique, Rocquencourt, France ; edited by A. Bensoussan and J.L. Lions

(Lecture notes in control and information sciences, 2)

Springer-Verlag, 1977

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Optimal exploitation of a spatially distributed fishery.- Distributed-parameter nuclear reactor optimal control.- On a class of optimization problems involving domain variations.- Parameter estimation in distributed chemical systems.- On-line estimation and identification of a nonlinear, distributed-parameter process: The dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to form styrene in a tubular, fixed-bed, catalytic reactor.- Some problem arising in distributed parameter reactor systems.- Likelihood ratios for time-continuous data models: The white noise approach.- Estimates for sequences biorthogonal to certain complex exponentials and boundary control of the wave equation.- The application of distributed parameter state estimation theory to a metallurgical casting operation.- Boucle ouverte et boucle fermee adaptee pour les systemes distribues, un exemple d'application a la commande en temps reel d'un processus.- Control of industrial robots by means of microprocessors.- Categorization and status of assembly research.- Tactile imaging for component recognition.- Design and analysis of mass production of automotive parts.- Macro-economic models, differential topology and energy strategies.- Systems aspects of large-scale solar energy conversion.- Analyse de systemes et problemes poses par l'energie solaire.- Resilience and its application to energy systems (condensed version).- Stochastic modeling of natural resource discovery - The case of oil and gas.- Optimisation du champ de miroirs d'une centrale solaire a concentration Ponctuelle.- Application of control theory to population policy.- Some aspects on the control of large tankers.- System theory and some of its applications in ecology, water resources and energy.- Control systems with delays: Areas of applications and present status of the linear theory.- Applications de la Theorie du Controle dans les Acieries.- Multilevel structures for control systems.- An application of optimization methods to spatial control of nuclear reactor cores.- Free boundary problems in optimal control.- A selection problem associated to a renewal process.- Existence and uniqueness of stationary distributions in a model of roll-back recovery.- Some application of control and system theory in a model of dynamic open economy.- Systemes cybernetiques et Problemes de la gestion des processus economiques.- L'Application du controle aux modeles Macroeconomiques Francais : Experiences et perspectives d'avenir.- An experiment on controlling a national economy.- Time-varying models in econometrics: Identifiability and estimation.- Methodes d'optimisation adaptees aux Modeles Macroeconomiques.- A decision making model for environmental management systems.- Integrated model for predicting the regional pollution for the local governments.- Environmental potential survey by remote sensing.- Long term policy assessment of energy/environment futures: A systems approach.- A mathematical model for finding compromises for siting of industrial plants.- On temporal and spatial structure in model systems and application to ecological patchiness.- On the origin of spatial structure and temporal oscillation in chemical model systems.

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