An Historic tongue : studies in English linguistics in memory of Barbara Strang


An Historic tongue : studies in English linguistics in memory of Barbara Strang

edited by Graham Nixon and John Honey

Routledge, 1988

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"A bibliography of Barbara Strang": p. 242-247

Includes bibliographies



This volume represents the wide-ranging linguistic interests of the late Barbara Strang, Professor of English Language at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1964-82.


  • Part 1 Old to Middle English period
  • the difficulty of establishing borrowings between Old English and the Continental West Germanic languages, E.G. Stanley
  • Wulf revisited: the problem of runic signatures, Roger Lass
  • Snuck: the development of irregular Preterite forms, Richard Hogg
  • ambiguity on two levels: a study in negation in Chaucer, Sonia Baghdikian
  • goodbye to all "that": the history and present behaviour of optional "that", Joan Beal
  • the rise of the "for NP to V" construction: an explanation, Olga Fischer
  • negation in Shakespeare, N.F. Blake
  • Englishmen and their moods: Renaissance grammar and the English verb, John Reed. Part 2 Middle to modern period
  • the great vowel-shift and other vowel-shifts, John Frankis
  • thematic genetives, Noel Osselton
  • the discourse properties of the criminal statute, Michael Hoey
  • varietas delectat: forms and functions of English world-wide
  • "talking proper": schooling and the establishment of English "received pronunciation", John Honey
  • the methods of urban linguistic surveys, Graham Nixon
  • a bibliography of Barbara Strang, Richard Bailey.

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