Computer assisted learning : 2nd International Conference, ICCAL '89, Dallas, TX, USA, May 9-11, 1989 : proceedings


Computer assisted learning : 2nd International Conference, ICCAL '89, Dallas, TX, USA, May 9-11, 1989 : proceedings

H. Maurer (ed.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 360)

Springer-Verlag, c1989

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Includes bibliographies and index



ICCAL '89 is the second in a series of International Conferences on Computer Assisted Learning. The first one was organized by the Institute for Computer Assisted Learning (ICAL) of the University of Calgary, May '87. The success of this first ICCAL demonstrated the need for a regular international, high-caliber conference on post-secondary education which brings together an expanded list of issues concerning computer learning. The coherency of the ICCAL conference series is assured by an international steering committee, and a group of experts in the field acting as the advisory board. This volume consists of about forty papers selected by the program committee from one hundred submissions. It also includes printed versions of a number of invited presentations by outstanding scholars in the field.


Educational knowledge based system design using a diagnostic approach.- HyperLexicon, a hypermedia-based lexicon for vocabulary acquisition.- Situated cognition and intelligent tutoring systems.- Visualizing a channel router: An experimental study.- Intelligent hypermedia in education.- How can educational software survive current hardware.- The information resource model.- A workstation-based course management and instruction system.- The teller simulator: An automatic problem solver for educational use.- A conceptual basis for the role of the micro-computer in the teaching/learning of college mathematics.- A real-time coaching environment for triangle congruence proofs.- Exploration in Coinland.- Hypermedia and learning: Who guides whom?.- Tutoring Rule Authoring System (TRAS).- "Qualitative simulation and knowledge representation for intelligent tutoring".- A proposal for an authoring system avoiding common errors in tutorial lessons.- Incidental learning during information retrieval : A hypertext experiment.- Circsim-tutor: An intelligent tutoring system for circulatory physiology.- An intermediate representation for mathematical problem solving.- CircuitWorld an intelligent simulation system for digital logic.- A CAL environment for hypercard.- The role of schemata in concept acquisition and diagnosis.- Courseware development by topdown conceptual analysis.- Finding the appropriate instructional text from question performance evaluation : A prototype interface.- Quadratic grapher: An intelligent tutoring system for graphing quadratic equations.- Analysis of heuristic reasoning for the visualization of CAD heuristics.- A teachware concept for education in CAD.- The pathophysiology tutor: A first step towards a smart tutor.- Requirements and concepts for networked multimedia courseware engineering.- Knowledge based intelligent tutoring system.- The anatomy of an object oriented visualization system for algorithm design.- Signal constellation design tool: A case study in user interface synthesis.- Design and implementation of interactive programs for education in engineering and natural sciences.- The uses of the cT language.- The constructive process of knowledge acquisition: Student modeling.- A conceptual model of a computer-aided learning knowledge base.- EULE+: An Object-Oriented Authoring and Learner System.- Interactive COSTOC tutorials.- Touring a hyper-CAI system.- S-trainer: An intelligent tutor for mission assessment.- Object-oriented text decomposition: A methodology for creating CAI using hypertext.- CAI for introductory computer organization.- Experiencing programming language constructs with TRAPS.- The other side of the coin: Teaching artificial learning systems.- An artificial intelligence approach to second language teaching.- Computer-assisted learning in dermatology: Two knowledge-based approaches.

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