Hyperbolic boundary value problems


Hyperbolic boundary value problems

Reiko Sakamoto ; translated by Katsumi Miyahara

Cambridge University Press, 1982

1st English ed

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"As the translation progressed, I took the opportunity of incorporating various corrections and revisions in the text."--Pref. to the English ed

Bibliography: p. [203]-204

Includes index



Boundary value problems are of central importance and interest not only to mathematicians but also to physicists and engineers who need to solve differential equations which govern the behaviour of physical systems. In this book, Professor Sakamoto introduces the general theory of the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the wave equation. The reader is assumed to have some familiarity with Lebesgue integration and complex function theory but other than that the book is essentially self-contained. It is therefore suited to senior undergraduates and graduates in mathematics and the mathematical sciences but can be read with profit by professionals in those subjects.


  • 1. Second-Order Hyperbolic Equations
  • 2. Hyperbolic Boundary Value Problems With Constant Coefficients
  • 3. Hyperbolic Boundary Value Problems With Variable Coefficients.

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