The Kondo problem to heavy fermions


The Kondo problem to heavy fermions

A.C. Hewson

(Cambridge studies in magnetism / edited by David Edwards and David Melville, 2)

Cambridge University Press, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The behaviour of magnetic impurities in metals has posed problems to challenge the condensed matter theorist over the past 30 years. This book deals with the concepts and techniques which have been developed to meet this challenge, and with their application to the interpretation of experiments. This book will be of interest to condensed matter physicists, particularly those interested in strong correlation problems. The detailed discussions of advanced many-body techniques should make it of interest to theoretical physicists in general.


  • 1. Models of magnetic impurities
  • 2. Resistivity calculations and the resistance minimum
  • 3. The Kondo problem
  • 4. Renormalization group calculations
  • 5. Fermi liquid theories
  • 6. Exact solutions and the Bethe ansatz
  • 7. N-fold degenerate models I
  • 8. N-fold degenerate models II
  • 9. Theory and experiment
  • 10. Strongly correlated fermions
  • Appendices.

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