Microeconomic analysis : a modern introduction


Microeconomic analysis : a modern introduction

by David H. Gowland, Anne R. Paterson

Harvester Wheatsheaf, c1993

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This introductory level textbook in microeconomics, should be suitable for a wide range of students but is particularly aimed at non-specialists and those on policy-oriented courses. David Gowland covers the full range of theoretical topics but blends these throughout with illustrative examples and exercises. This provides students with a clear and accessible introduction to the value of microeconomic analysis in understanding the functioning of an economy at the microeconomic level. The book covers: the market mechanism; producer and consumer choice; the firm; market structure; monopoly problems; taxation; government policy; the labour market; and trade unions. Students following introductory microeconomics courses at schools, colleges, polytechnics and universities may find this a lively introduction to what can be a dry subject for the beginner.


  • Part 1 Basic tools: basic concepts and relationships
  • exchange and the market
  • market analysis
  • the application of market analysis. Part 2 The application of basic concepts: allocation of goods
  • the determination of output
  • models of market structure. Part 3 Choice: the firm
  • consumer choice
  • producer choice. Part 4 Market failure: market failure 1, 2 (externality and inequality), 3 (monopoly and monopsony). Part 5 Government: government policy
  • taxation
  • takeovers and competition policy
  • government
  • privatization
  • regulation. Part 6 Factor markets: wages and employment
  • trade unions
  • capital markets.

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