The Hilton symposium 1993 : topics in topology and group theory


The Hilton symposium 1993 : topics in topology and group theory

Guido Mislin, editor

(CRM proceedings & lecture notes, v. 6)

American Mathematical Society, c1994

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This volume presents a cross-section of new developments in algebraic topology. The main portion consists of survey articles suitable for advanced graduate students and professionals pursuing research in this area. A great variety of topics are covered, many of which are of interest to researchers working in other areas of mathematics. In addition, some of the articles cover topics in group theory and homological algebra.


Recent advances in unstable localization by C. Casacuberta Hurwitz-Radon matrices revisited: From effective solution of the Hurwitz matrix equations to Bott periodicity by B. Eckmann The first order Euler characteristic by R. Geoghegan and A. J. Nicas On fibrewise homotopy theory by I. M. James The Mislin genus of a space by C. A. McGibbon Mapping class groups, characteristic classes, and Bernoulli numbers by G. Mislin $H^\ast (\mathrm{RP}^\infty \times\cdots\times\mathrm{RP}^\infty)$ as a module over the Steenrod algebra by V. W. Giambalvo, N. H. V. Hung, and F. P. Peterson Computing homotopy classes of phantom maps by J. Roitberg On groups generated by three involutions, two of which commute by D. Sjerve and M. B. Cherkassoff Types of projective resolutions for finite groups by U. Stammbach.

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