Great women mystery writers : classic to contemporary


Great women mystery writers : classic to contemporary

edited by Kathleen Gregory Klein

Greenwood Press, 1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This comprehensive biocritical dictionary evaluates 117 widely read historical and contemporary women mystery writers and over 1,000 novels. From the sensationalist women mystery writers of the 19th century to the mid-1990s practitioners such as Margaret Maron, Karen Kijewski, and Sue Grafton, this work celebrates the contributions of women writers to mystery fiction, with an emphasis on contemporary writers. The dictionary also serves as a reader's advisory to frequently asked questions: Which novels shouldn't be missed? In what order should you read them? What other writers will you enjoy if you like a particular writer, setting, or type of mystery? Signed interpretive and evaluative essays by 86 scholar-critics who are experts in the field are 4-5 pages in length and review the totality of the writer's work: the relationship among her novels, her place in the genre; recommendations of her best books; whether to read a series in order; and which novelists have similar settings, writing styles, or reader appeal. A complete mystery bibliography and selected critical bibliography are included in each entry, and helpful appendices conclude the volume. Great Women Mystery Writers is a full-fledged critical companion by noted scholars and critics, and can be used for its critical interpretations, as a reader's advisory, and as an essential reference tool for librarian and patron alike.


  • Biocritical Entries: Catherine Aird, Theresa Perri Ammirati
  • Margery Allingham/Maxwell March, Paula M. Woods
  • Charlotte Armstrong/Jo Valentine, Myra Hunter Jones
  • Margot Arnold, Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert
  • Marian Babson, Thomas Mavor
  • Nikki Baker, Ann Martin Scott
  • Linda Barnes, Donna Waller Harper
  • J.S. Borthwick, Robert P. Winston
  • Elisabeth Powers, Bonnie C. Plummer
  • Mary Elizabeth Braddon/Babington White, Catherine E. Hoyser
  • Christianna Brand/Mary Ann Ashe/China Thompson, Liahna Babener
  • Lillian Jackson Braun, Donna Waller Harper
  • Gwendoline Butler/Jennie Melville, Gwendolyn Whitehead
  • P.M. Carlson, Linda R. Harris
  • Vera Caspary, Gary Storhoff
  • Sarah Caudwell, Marcia S. Knepper
  • Mary Higgins Clark, Thomas Whissen
  • Anna Clarke, Marilyn Rye
  • Liza Cody, B.J. Rahn
  • Susan Conant, Barbara Douglas
  • Patricia Cornwell, Frank W. Shelton
  • Amanda Cross, Denise M. Marshall
  • Barbara d'Amato/Malacai Black, Natalie Hevener Kaufman
  • Elizabeth Ferrars, Gina Macdonald
  • Leslie Ford/David Frome, Betty Richardson
  • Katherine V. Forrest, Lois A. Marchino
  • Antonia Fraser, Denise M. Marshall
  • Frances Fyfield/Frances Hegarty, Linda C. Pelzer
  • Elizabeth George, Landon Burns
  • B.M. Gill, Nancy Ellen Talburt
  • Dorothy Gilman, Ann Sanders Cargill
  • E.X. Giroux/Doris Shannon, Joan Warthling Roberts
  • Paula Gosling/Ainslie Skinner, Charles L.P. Silet
  • Sue Grafton, Catherine E. Hoyser
  • Linda Grant, Kathy Phillips
  • Lesley Grant-Adamson, Lorena Stookey
  • Anna Katharine Green, Cheri L. Ross
  • Martha Grimes, Joan G. Kotker
  • Carolyn G. Hart, Susan Oleksiw
  • S.T. Haymon
  • Elizabeth Buckmaster
  • Joan Hess/Joan Hadley, Marilyn Sparks Severson
  • Georgette Heyer, Elaine Bander
  • Patricia Highsmith, Sharon A. Russell
  • P.D. James, Marilyn Rye
  • Lucille Kallen, Marcia J. Songer
  • Faye Kellerman, Elizabeth Buckmaster
  • Susan Kelly, Lorena Stookey
  • Susan Kenney, Linda C. Pelzer
  • Karen Kijewski, Kathleen Oser
  • Jane Langton, Marilyn Sparks Severson
  • Emma Lathen/R.B. Dominic, Gary Storhoff
  • Elizabeth Lemarchand, Helen S. Garson
  • Elizabeth Linington/Anne Blaisdell/Dell Shannon/Lesley Egan, Mary Jean DeMarr
  • Marie Belloc Lowndes, Barrie Hayne
  • Charlotte Macleod, MaryKay Mahoney
  • Margaret Maron, John Michielson
  • Ngaio Marsh, Jennifer Smith
  • Lia Matera, David Connor Wallace
  • Sharyn McCrumb, Sharon A. Russell
  • Val McDermid, Juana R. Young
  • Jill McGown/Elizabeth Chaplin, E.D. Huntley
  • Claire McNab, Lois A. Marchino
  • M.R.D. Meek, John Michielson
  • Annette Meyers/Maan Meyers, Charles L.P. Silet
  • Margaret Millar, Virginia Hale. (Part contents).

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