Test equating : methods and practices


Test equating : methods and practices

Michael J. Kolen, Robert L. Brennan

(Springer series in statistics)

Springer-Verlag, c1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Many researchers in the psychology and statistical communities have paid increasing attention to test equating as issues of using multiple test forms have arisen and in response to criticisms of traditional testing techniques. This text provides a practically-oriented introduction to test equating, covering discussions of the most frequently used equating methodologies and many of the practical issues involved. The main themes covered bu the book are: the purposes and assumptions of equating; classical equating methods; item response theory equating methods; standard errors of equating; and practical issues in equating.


  • Observed score equating using the random groups design
  • random groups - smoothing in equipercentile equating
  • nonequivalent groups - linear methods
  • nonequivalent groups - equipercentile methods
  • item response theory methods
  • standard errors of equating
  • practical issues in equating in Scaling to achieve comparability. Appendices: answers to exercises
  • computer programs and data sets.

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