Aids : a moral issue : the ethical, legal and social aspects


Aids : a moral issue : the ethical, legal and social aspects

edited by Brenda Almond

Macmillan, 1996

2nd ed

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Previous ed.: 1990

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AIDS raises a number of ethical and social problems which must inevitably be confronted by the whole community, by people with AIDS and their relatives, and by those professionally involved. This book challenges a growing polarisation of viewpoints on these issues. In contrast to the one-sided and divisive proposals of those who set civil rights against public health and vice versa, it argues for a two-pronged approach which, in the face of a virus which attacks human beings in their reproductive function, accepts both the rights of individuals to sexual self-fulfilment, and also the need to protect the unaffected from infection.


  • Acknowledgements - Notes on the Contributors - Prologue: an AIDS table - Introduction
  • B.Almond - PART 1: THE MEDICAL PERSPECTIVE - AIDS: Clinical and Scientific Background
  • A.Pinching - Haemophilia, AIDS and HIV: some Social and Ethical Considerations
  • P.Wilkie - HIV and Pregnancy
  • C.Ulanowsky & B.Almond - AIDS and Confidentiality: the Doctor's Dilemma
  • G.Gillett - Autonomy, Welfare and the Treatment of AIDS
  • R.Crisp - PART 2: THE COMMUNITY PERSPECTIVE - The Role of the Media and the Reporting of AIDS
  • J.Meldrum - Risk, Discrimination and Utility
  • M.Smithurst - The Legal Implications of AIDS and HIV Infection in Britain and the United States
  • A.Orr - Outside the Legal Society: AIDS, Welfare Benefits and Insurance
  • J.Pritchard - PART 3: THE PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE - Coping with the Threat of Death
  • A.Coxon - AIDS: Some Theological Considerations
  • A.Lovegrove - Personal Issues and Personal Dilemmas
  • B.Almond - Index

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