Philosophy of mind : a contemporary introduction


Philosophy of mind : a contemporary introduction

John Heil

(Routledge contemporary introductions to philosophy, 3)

Routledge, 1998

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [227]-232) and index

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This comprehensive textbook, written by a leading author in the field, provides a survey of mainstream conceptions of the nature of mind accessible to readers with little or no background in philosophy. Included are the dualist, behaviourist, and functionalist accounts of the nature of mind, along with a critical assessment of recent trends in the subject. The problem of consciousness, widely thought to be the chief roadblock to our understanding of the mind, is addressed throughout the book and there is also material to interest those with a professional interest in the topic - philosophers, psychologists and neuroscientists - as well as the general reader. Unique features of Philosophy of Mind: * provides a comprehensive survey of basic concepts and major theories * contains many lucid examples to support ideas * cites key literature in annotated suggested reading and a full bibliography * contains a full index including the location of key terms and concepts.


Preface. 1. Introduction 2. Descartes's Legacy 1. Cartesian Dualism 2. Modifying Cartesian Dualism 3. Non-Cartesian Dualism 4. Taking Stock 5. Suggested Reading 3. Varieties of Materialism: Behaviorism and the Identity Theory 1. Behaviorism 2. The Identity Theory 3. Taking Stock 4. Suggested Reading 4. Functionalism and the Representational Theory of Mind 1. The Functionalist Picture 2. Elements of Functionalism 3. The Representational Theory of Mind 4. The Layered View of the World 5. 'Qualia' 6. Suggested Reading 5. Interpretational Theories of Mind and Eliminativism 1. Davidson and the Propositional Attitudes 2. Dennett and the Intentional Stance 3. Eliminativism 4. Suggested Reading 6. Minds and their Place in Nature 1. Metaphysical Background 2. Applying the View 3. Denouement 4. Suggested Reading.

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