Women changing language


Women changing language

Anne Pauwels

(Real language series / general editors, Jennifer Coates, Jenny Cheshire and Euan Reid)

Longman, 1998

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ISBN 9780582099616


This text provides an incisive insight into feminist language reform. It explores and discusses the efforts and initiatives of women in speech communities around the world to address inequalities in the portrayal of women and men in language. It considers what forms of sexism are found in language and whether these differ among languages. It also looks at how sexist language can be changed and evaluates the effectiveness of these reforms.


  • Language planning and the sexes
  • sexism in language - an international phenomenon?
  • should sexist language be changed?
  • how should sexist language be changed?
  • implementing non-sexist language change - the case of non-sexist language guidelines
  • evaluating feminist language planning
  • is change occurring? concluding remarks. Appendix: drafting non-sexist language guidelines.

: paper ISBN 9780582099623


Women Changing Language documents and discusses feminist language reform, looking at the initiatives and actions of women around the world to change the biased representation of the sexes in language. The book pays tribute to the activities of many women who have helped debunk myths about the relationship between women and language, for example that women are 'consumers' of language and men are 'makers' of meaning and creators of language rules. The study reverses this view, concentrating on women as meaning 'makers'.


Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Language Planning and the Sexes 2. Sexism in Language: An International Phenomenon? 3. Should Sexist Language be Changed? 4. How Should Sexist Language be Changed? 5. Implementing Non-Sexist Language Change: Guidelines 6. Evaluating Feminist Language Planning 7. Is Change Occurring? Concluding Remarks Appendix: Drafting Non-Sexist Language Guidelines Bibliography Index

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