Lectures on discrete geometry


Lectures on discrete geometry

Jiří Matoušek

(Graduate texts in mathematics, 212)

Springer, c2002

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [417]-457) and index

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The main topics in this introductory text to discrete geometry include basics on convex sets, convex polytopes and hyperplane arrangements, combinatorial complexity of geometric configurations, intersection patterns and transversals of convex sets, geometric Ramsey-type results, and embeddings of finite metric spaces into normed spaces. In each area, the text explains several key results and methods.


* Preface * Notation and Terminology * Convexity * Lattices and Minkowski's Theorem * Convex Independent Subsets * Incidence Problems * Convex Polytopes * Number of Faces in Arrangements * Lower Envelopes * More Theorems in Convexity * Geometric Selection Theorems * Transversals and Epsilon-Nets * Attempts to Count k-sets * Two Applications of High-Dimensional Polytopes * Volumes in High Dimension * Measure Concentration and Almost Spherical Sections * Embedding Finite Metric Spaces into Normed Spaces * What Was It About: An Informal Summary * Bibliography * Index

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