Principles of virology : molecular biology, pathogenesis, and control of animal viruses


Principles of virology : molecular biology, pathogenesis, and control of animal viruses

S.J. Flint ... [et al.]

ASM Press, c2004

2nd ed

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Completely revised and updated to reflect important advances in the field, "Principles of Virology, Second Edition" continues to fill the gap between simple introductory texts and very advanced reviews of major virus families, introducing upper-level undergraduates, graduate students, and medical students to all aspects of virology. The second edition retains all of the defining and much-praised features of the first edition, focusing on concepts and principles and presenting a comprehensive treatment from molecular biology to pathogenesis and infection control. Written in an engagingly readable style and generously illustrated with over 400 full-colour illustrations, this approachable volume offers detailed examples that illustrate common principles, specific strategies adopted by different viruses to ensure their reproduction, and the current state of virology research. The book is divided into chapters that focus on specific topics rather than individual viruses, and allows the student to visualize common themes that cut across virus families, emphasizing the shared features of different viruses. Drawing on the extensive teaching experience of each of its distinguished authors, "Principles of Virology" illustrates why and how animal viruses are studied and demonstrates, using well-studied systems, how the knowledge gained from such model viruses can be used to study viral systems about which our knowledge is still quite limited. A thorough introduction to principles of viral pathogenesis, a broad view of viral evolution, a discussion of how viruses were discovered, and how the discipline of virology came to be are also provided. A variety of special boxes highlight key experiments, background material, caveats, and much more. The text focuses on concepts and principles and covers not only aspects of molecular biology, but also pathogenesis, evolution, emergence, and control, and will also be a valuable resource for practicing physicians and scientists. New in the second edition: completely revised pathogenesis chapters; pathogenicity snapshots: an appendix highlighting teaching points for major viral diseases; expanded appendix on viral life cycles; new chapter on viral genomes and coding strategies; detailed glossary; expanded references after each chapter; and new textboxes.

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