Algebraic integrability, Painlevé geometry and Lie algebras


Algebraic integrability, Painlevé geometry and Lie algebras

Mark Adler, Pierre van Moerbeke, Pol Vanhaecke

(Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete, 3. Folge, v. 47)

Springer, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [469]-478) and index



In the early 70's and 80's the field of integrable systems was in its prime youth: results and ideas were mushrooming all over the world. It was during the roaring 70's and 80's that a first version of the book was born, based on our research and on lectures which each of us had given. We owe many ideas to our colleagues Teruhisa Matsusaka and David Mumford, and to our inspiring graduate students (Constantin Bechlivanidis, Luc Haine, Ahmed Lesfari, Andrew McDaniel, Luis Piovan and Pol Vanhaecke). As it stood, our first version lacked rigor and precision, was rough, dis- connected and incomplete...In the early 90's new problems appeared on the horizon and the project came to a complete standstill, ultimately con- fined to a floppy. A few years ago, under the impulse of Pol Vanhaecke, the project was revived and gained real momentum due to his insight, vision and determination. The leap from the old to the new version is gigantic. The book is designed as a teaching textbook and is aimed at a wide read- ership of mathematicians and physicists, graduate students and professionals.


1 Introduction.- 2 Lie Algebras.- 3 Poisson Manifolds.- 4 Integrable Systems on Poisson Manifolds.- 5 The Geometry of Abelian Varieties.- 6 A.c.i. Systems.- 7 Weight Homogeneous A.c.i. Systems.- 8 Integrable Geodesic Flow on SO(4).- 9 Periodic Toda Lattices Associated to Cartan Matrices.- 10 Integrable Spinning Tops.- References.

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