Color atlas of physiology



Color atlas of physiology

Stefan Silbernagl, Agamemnon Despopoulos ; 189 color plates by Ruediger Gay and Astried Rothenburger ; [translated by Suzyon O'Neal Wandrey and Rachel Swift]

(Thieme flexibook, Basic sciences)

Thieme, c2009

6th ed

  • : pbk


Taschenatlas der Physiologie

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 19



Translation of: Taschenatlas der Physiologie. 5th German ed. c2001

Includes bibliographical references (p. 397-398) and index



Now in its sixth edition, Color Atlas of Physiology covers the entire subject of human physiology and brilliantly reviews everything medical students need to know to pass their pre-clinical physiology exams. Sections include the nerves and muscles, blood, respiration, the cardiovascular system, digestion, and reproduction. Providing a concise review of each thematic unit, the popular and proven layout of the book's double-page spreads with color illustrations and accompanying text allows for speedy comprehension and recall of key concepts. This new edition includes recent scientific developments, especially regarding the successful application of molecular biology and gene technology concepts to physiology. It also takes into account the latest research on brain function. Innovative features in this edition: * Completely new material on thirst and regulation of salt and water balance, consciousness and sleep, and molecular mechanisms of long-term potentiation* Incorporation of the latest findings in areas such as body-weight regulation, memory, the sleep-wake cycle, iron metabolism, blood coagulation, and sound transduction* Visual highlighting of clinically relevant and pathophysiologic information, and clinical key words on every page In its time-tested compact, and user-friendly format, Color Atlas of Physiology, Sixth edition, as an invaluable and ideal study guide and reference for medical students preparing for their examination in physiology.


1. General and Cellular Physiology 2. Nerve and Muscle 3. Autonomic Nervous System 4. Blood 5. Respiration 6. Acid-Base Balance 7. Kidney, Salt and Water Balance 8. Heart and Circulation 9. Thermal Balance and Thermoregulation 10. Nutrition and Digestion 11. Hormonal Control 12. Central Nervous System and Senses 13. Appendix

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