Phenomenological perspectives : historical and systematic essays in honor of Herbert Spiegelberg


Phenomenological perspectives : historical and systematic essays in honor of Herbert Spiegelberg

(Phaenomenologica, 62)

Martinus Nijhoff, 1975

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"Bibliography of Herbert Spiegelberg's published works, 1930-1974": p. [276]-279

Includes bibliographical references


  • Compossibility and incompossibility in Leibniz / Aron Gurwitsch
  • Hume and the discipline of phenomenology / Richard Zaner
  • Royce and the reductions / David Goicoechea
  • Wittgenstein's "Phenomenological reduction" / Don Ihde
  • The occasion and novelty of Husserl's phenomenology of essence / Fred Kersten
  • Martin Heidegger as a phenomenologist / Bernard Boelen
  • Marriage, parenthood and life in community / Alden Fisher
  • The monads have windows / Erwin Straus
  • Das Noema als reelles Moment / Guido Küng
  • Eine Tragödie / Rudolf Boehm
  • "Alms for Oblivion" / Edward Ballard
  • Truth within phenomenological speech / Robert Sokolowski
  • The Phenomenology of speaking / John Mayer
  • Sym-philosophizing in an ethics class / Waltraut Stein
  • Phenomenological aspects of probability / Wolfe Mays



Professor H. L. Van Breda had hoped to write this preface, but his recent, unexpected and untimely death has left that task in my hands. Although my remarks will not be as eloquent and insightful as his surely would have been, some few words are clearly in order here; for the phenomenological community has not only lost the leadership of Fr. Van Breda these last years, but also the scholarship and leadership of Aron Gurwitsch and Alden Fisher - both contributors to this volume - as well as that of Dorion Cairns and John Wild. Our leaders are fewer now but Herbert Spiegelberg is still very obviously one of them. This volume thus presents the work of some of the past and presently recognized leaders in phenomenology - e. g. Gurwitsch, Straus, and Fisher - but, more important perhaps, it also presents the work of some of those who are sure to be future leaders of our community of phenomenological philosophers, if in fact they have not already achieved this status. Most, if not all, of the contribu tors to this volume are in some way or another indebted to Herbert Spiegelberg and his work in phenomenology.


I Historical Perspectives.- Compossibility and Incompossibility in Leibniz.- Hume and the Discipline of Phenomenology: An Historical Perspective.- Royce and the Reductions.- Wittgenstein's "Phenomenological Reduction".- The Occasion and Novelty of Husserl's Phenomenology of Essence.- Martin Heidegger as a Phenomenologist.- II Systematic Perspectives.- Marriage, Parenthood and Life in Community: A Phenomenological View.- The Monads Have Windows.- Das Noema als reelles Moment.- Eine Tragoedie: Wallensteins und unser aller boeser Geist.- "Alms for Oblivion": An Essay on Objective Time and Experienced Time.- Truth Within Phenomenological Speech.- The Phenomenology of Speaking.- Sym-philosophizing in an Ethics Class.- Phenomenological Aspects of Probability.- III Bibliographical Perspectives.- Apologia pro Bibliographia Mea.- Herbert Spiegelberg, Bibliography of Published Works 1930-1974.

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