Restoration literature, 1660-1700 : Dryden, Bunyan, and Pepys


Restoration literature, 1660-1700 : Dryden, Bunyan, and Pepys

James Sutherland

(The Oxford history of English literature / general editors, John Buxton ... [et al.], 8)

Clarendon Press, 1990

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Originally published: English literature of the late seventeenth century. 1969. (The Oxford history of English literature ; 6)

Includes bibliographical references



Part of the complete reissue of "The Oxford History of English Literature", this volume covers both famous and lesser known authors of the English Restoration. The author is particularly keen to highlight the work of authors whom he feels have been largely neglected by literary criticism. Hence he covers dramatists such as Shadwell, Lee, Otway and Southerne and authors such as John Banks, Mrs Behn, Crowne, Durfey and Ravenscroft. The book also looks at Restoration preachers, historians, biographers, essayists, poets and eccentrics such as John Aubrey and Walter Pope. Despite the book's clear literary bias, it does not ignore men of science, politics and economics. Of particular interest during the Restoration period is the development of literary criticism in its very early stages, and the author examines the implications of this development for literature as a whole.


  • The background of the age
  • drama
  • poetry
  • prose fiction
  • essays, letters and journals
  • biography, history and travel literature
  • religious literature
  • philosophy, politics and economics
  • science
  • criticism.

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